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Saturday, January 23, 2010

We are on a date... yes, the three of us!

Our date night was fantastic! And as romantic as it could be with a 16mo. girl as a "chaperone"... Still, the three of us had a lot of fun in Alterra (by the lake), this coffee shop is just great, the aroma, the service, the flavors, the atmosphere... everything is just so inviting and pleasant! Perfect for a date for those who love coffee! My girl started acting up when we tried to put her in a high chair, my husband was getting a little bit frustrated and annoyed by it, but leave it to mom! (we always know what to do) It had been a while since I was there (before my girl was born) so I wasn't going to let anything ruin it... I bought a slice of banana nut bread and brought some of the wooden sticks to stir the coffee to the table so she could play with, and that was it, she was as happy as she can be! I knew it would be fine, I wouldn't have stayed if she had continued being difficult, I mean... you don't want to disturb the rest of the people who are trying to enjoy a peaceful time and a cup of coffee in such a special place like Alterra! If you have never tried their coffee... you TRULY do not know what you are missing, they have coffee for EVERY TASTE, even the "pickiest" person will find something perfect for his/her taste!

Our dates are never too expensive and they are always SO MUCH FUN! You do not need too much money to have a great time if you are with the right company!  Hubby had a cup of his favorite coffee.... "El Salvador" which is a VERY VERY strong roast! You should see him right now as I type, he is not only VERY awake but he is looking for something to do! so hyper!  he also had a bar of milk chocolate, in my case I had a large mocha! it was so good! and a bar of dark chocolate... and there we were, the three of us! Enjoying our date... love was in the air! Hubby and I value our time on our own... but we also know that having children does not mean that " the fun is gone"  Our love for her strengthens our love for each other... so the date tonight was a date of 3 and it was the perfect date!

A bar of chocolate goes great with coffee

"El Salvador" For those who enjoy strong coffee!

Our girl....

My "date (s)" (sorry about the blurriness)

What a great place!

Our coffees and chocolate bars

Our girl and her banana bread

Date for three!

What a wonderful date it was!


Melissa B. said...

Love your Superior Snaps...Looks like the three of you had oodles of fun! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

I'm Melting...

Farmhouse Fixers said...

What a GREAT date night! Even if you had to take you little girl what a great opportunity for her to see you guys enjoying each others company. LOVE IT! = )

monica said...

hi, fellow coffee fan and sister! we love our coffee here too (and I agree, chocolate goes great with coffee. especially dark chocolate)

it's great to "meet you." I'll be back

monica @

Katie said...

What a fun date night! It sounds like you have a beautiful family and that you are a great mom! Yes, if you were closer, I would definitely invite you over for coffee! lol...if your journeys ever take you to Long Island, please look me up! Thank you for all of your encouragement in the Lord! A great reminder! Thank you! :)

Carrie said...

Great pics of your little hands. SO sweet. Happy you had a great date night.

Paloma said...

Thank you everyone! I am glad you enjoyed taking a peek at our date night! ;)

kanishk said...

what a great opportunity for her to see you guys enjoying each others company. LOVE IT!

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