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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

THM, Bible Studies and Wreaths

Hello everybody! It's been ages since I last blogged anything! I've been feeling totally disconnected and it's been hard to find my "blogging groove again" ... It doesn't mean I haven't had anything to blog about... You might not see me around as much but I am still on Trim Healthy Mama... It's still kind of a "my own THM plan" ... just because of some of my own thyroid needs but usually I adhere to the rules most of the time...  I do get some crossovers in... and I've had some low (very low moments, just this very last week) but I've also had great highs too! I just recently introduced weight lifting into my exercise routine and it's been great! I can actually see/feel changes starting to happen... and while those changes are NOTHING to some for me they've been huge given my thyroid issues. I do Trim Healthy Mama the 'easiest/cheapest' possible way my meals are easy and with "everyday" ingredients...  here are some pics of some of the things I've been eating to give you an idea:

As you can see I've been eating meals made with common ingredients:
  • Spicy Roasted almonds ( THM -S-)
  • Fried eggs with pan roasted veggies and avocado (S)
  • Lightly breaded Chicken with buttered zoodles -used coconut flour for the breading- (S)
  • Chicken Salad over romaine hearts, avocado, jalapeƱo peppers and strawberries on the side (S)
  • Low fat cottage cheese with strawberries (FP)
  • Chicken breast with veggies (FP) (or add a side of brown rice and make it an "E").

See? It doesn't have to be too fancy or complicated to be yummy and perfectly on plan.

... I have no budget for special ingredients,  But if you do go ahead and enjoy them! Trim Healthy mama has some special ingredients and others that are more common in their store... all of them at great prices here: Trim Healthy Mama Store

Now... what else has been going on with my life?

Well... This Summer I volunteered to translate a book from English to Spanish for our Bible Study... I highly recommend this study for you! You can suggest it in your church if they do studies like this, but if you don't have a Bible Study group you can still do it on your own... I highly recommend it:

This Study is really amazing... I don't want to give much away but trust me... God can use it to change your life.
Another thing I've been busy with... interestingly have been crafts! I have been feeling crafty lately and I've been checking out the "wreath making" world, these are two wreaths I've made:
Burlap Wreath with Fall Foliage

Straw Wreath covered with Yarn, decorated with felt flowers, pine cones and ribbon

And last but not least... We've had a great response to hubby's First Book...

I mentioned it before that it was finally published and we are so blessed to have great friends who have been praying with and for us! Our church family has been just as excited as we are and our Pastor and his wife hosted a beautiful celebration to dedicate the book, have a beautiful prayer time and some book signing of course.
Our Pastor's wife besides being a great support for her husband and all of us in church, she is also a great blogger, amazing hostess and a very creative homemaker... You have to check out her blog and you can see how she decorated for our Book Dedication Celebration here in her beautiful blog: Quite Simply - Gay Jeffries Blog.

Of course there's a lot more I could share but not without making this the longest blog post... So I will end it here.

I hope I can bring you some new recipes soon!


© Paloma K.