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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A delicious time of the month

Today is March 20th, and every 20th of every month I get to talk to you about the cake we, The Cake Slice bakers, made...  by the way... "The Cake Slice Bakers" now has a Facebook Page make sure you visit and like it! It will be a fun place to talk about cakes and all kinds of yummy desserts! Well... anyway... this month, the cake that was chosen was a Honey Bee Cake... and I wasn't too excited, to be honest... I am not a fan of "honey flavor" ... I do love honey... with lime... when I am sick... but for dessert? Not so much! Hubby is not a fan either... so I wasn't thrilled when this cake won the poll! Being a member of a group doesn't mean you're always going to get your way... but it means supporting the group and its decisions... and I am always up for experimenting with flavors, even those that I might not be so sure about...

Well.... I invited a friend over to my house, we were going to do a Bible Study but the people from my Bible Study ended up not being able to come, so it would be just my friend and I ... I thought it would be the best opportunity to make this cake... you know... and have a slice with good company and good conversation... I have another friend who I would've loved having over for cake and coffee, but my other friend and I are trying to lose some weight so I wouldn't put her in the way of temptation... I made my cake and it was SUPER easy and fast to make, not many steps, not many pans, it was just easy and quick....just like I like it...  and guess what? It was DELICIOUS! I chose "Pure Orange Blossoms Honey" and the delicate flavor and texture of the cake with the delicious almonds and honey glaze on top were just excellent for our "brunch" kind of time... ah! I so wish hubby had loved it as much as I did... he did have a slice and said it was good but didn't really love it... he just TRULY doesn't enjoy honey flavor... I'd say "this is the cake" ... it's from the "Vintage Cakes" book by Julie Richardson and it's in the "Everyday Cakes" section.. well... it sure is the perfect cake for "any day" at "any time" whether it's dessert or brunch... it's lovely and fragrant! and it's just excellent for a Spring Day! I am tempted to make it again for Easter, my mom and sister will be visiting with us!

I also made a brown sugar whipped cream to go with it, the recipe for the cream I took from the previous book we used in the Cake Slice Group, "The Cake Book" by Tish Boyle. and it was the perfect accompaniment.

Here are the pics of my cake:

For the recipe... well... I will just encourage you to get this book! I know! I know... Now you want it, right? Well... you truly must have it... you can get it: here, just know that I am not earning any commissions from the sales of this book, LOL! This is just an honest, personal recommendation.

If you want to see what the rest of the bakers from the Cake Slice are baking and what their cakes look like... visit:

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