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Monday, September 23, 2013

Back to the roots!

So... Yesterday was officially our first day home after our long family vacation... We enjoyed 7 days with family in Wisconsin... going back to hubby's roots and also to our own family's foundation... where "it all started" for us!

It was wonderful!

And because of that ... I thought I would take a few snap shots of some of the food we enjoyed there... I thought it would be good to take my blog back to its very roots as well... back to when everything was just about "taking pictures of food... a cup of coffee or a coffee shop"

I hope you enjoy!

Are there better cookies than grandma's? Doubt it!
Date with hubby, this is what he had: Stuffed crepes. Delish!

This is what I had... Tuna melt with alfalfa sprouts and side of Indian rice. Really fragrant

Our coffee at our favorite coffee shop, they sold their name "Alterra" and they're now Colectivo... I guess it will eventually grow in us.

Cafe "Cortado" half espresso half steamed milk

The coffee sign :)

Of course we ate a lot more than just this... But these were shots of very special "food moments"

© Paloma K.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Butterscotch Cream Roll-Up

Hello friends, this time I bring to you the "Cake of the Month" we, The Cake Slice Bakers, so joyfully baked for September!

The winner of the month was a "Butterscotch Cream Roll-Up" and I was worried about this cake being the winner for several reasons, here they are:

1. Hubby hates butterscotch candy and I am not a big fan of it, would this taste like that?
2. The "Roll-Up" method is not your usual "Swiss-Roll" style and I was afraid I would just "mess things up" -you'll soon see what I am talking about-
3. The recipe called for whiskey, we don't drink here and I wasn't going to buy a bottle of whiskey just to use a tablespoon in a recipe.
4. It seemed a "laborious" recipe and September is a very busy month for me. (My oldest turned 5 so talk about some emotional things going on here, realizing my baby is not a baby anymore!)

So... Before I tell you how I did... let me share with you a picture of my girl and her birthday cakes and cookies that mommy made for her:

Now, about The Cake Slice cake, this is one of our very last cakes of our baking year! We have been baking from "Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson" and it has been DELIGHTFUL! Almost every cake has been loved by everyone in our group! And for us, this butterscotch cream roll up has been one of the best! Made with chiffon cake, filled and frosted with whipped cream enhanced with a delicious butterscotch sauce and then drizzled with warmed butterscotch sauce, this dessert is heavenly! Honestly, we didn't miss the "whiskey" at all, I don't know of any way this cake could get any better! I only increased the amount of vanilla extract by a teaspoon but everything else I just followed the recipe exactly as it is! Please, make sure to get this amazing book! You need it in your kitchen!

Due to respect to copyright laws, the author and her work (Julie Richardson is a delight as a person, I know that just with a brief exchanged we had online) I am not sharing her recipes and only encouraging you to GET THIS BOOK as soon as possible (I am not getting paid or compensated in anyway, this is just my personal opinion) you will not regret it!

So... here go some pictures:

Chiffon cake, has to be sliced in same size stripes

Then, spread the filling and some toasted almonds

This could get tricky, although it was WAY EASIER than I thought

Once each stripe is rolled up, you frost it with the remainder whipped cream

I just used a spoon to create the "wavy effect" on the cream

I can tell you I don't think I'll ever "swiss-roll" a cake again! I loved this technique WAY BETTER!

I was worried about "how we would cut it" but we just sliced it like we would any other cake, I was happy it held up great!

An uneven slice on a paper plate, it's the only picture I took with the drizzled butterscotch sauce on top!
Now... I also have a confession to make... I burnt the butterscotch sauce in the first attempt (don't talk on the phone while trying to make this sauce, just sayin') but I am thankful my friend and fellow Cake Slice Baker, Anabel from Oven Delights, told me the sauce is delicious (it tasted really bitter, of course, the first time, the burnt one) so I gave it another try and... Oh! Was it worth it!!!

So, there you go, there's my cake of the month and my 5 yr. old! :) Two very special things for September!

© Paloma K.