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Friday, July 15, 2011

For dieting!

Well... I've been "on and off" on a diet... Have you ever heard of the "Bread for Life" diet? on the "first phase" of this diet you have to eat 12 slices of bread a day (that's the amount for women), of course it's not just any kind of bread, it has to be the whole grain, low calorie (35-45) kind, and even when in the beginning I thought that was not "doable" as I started it I realized it was actually "easier than other diets", because you never feel really hungry and you get to eat "6 sandwiches in a day" if you want LOL! of course you don't eat just bread, you also eat all vegetables you want (I make great vegetable soups) and some other "sugarless" spreads, you can also eat eggs (4 a week) and things like that, well... anyway... I am just so happy I have coffee to get me through, it makes me feel like I can still "enjoy eating" you know? I just eat two slices of bread with whipped cream cheese, sugar-free concord grape jelly and my coffee with sugar-free hazelnut cream! yum! ... now, you wonder probably why if the diet is so easy I am still on the first phase, well, that's because of my "on and off" of it thing... I guess you need to be consistent with that first phase to be able to "move-on" and switch the bread for other types of "bread-like" foods (whole grain pasta, potatoes, brown rice, etc) but since I am in the middle of a big transition (the move) we haven't been able to stick to the diet, just tonight I will go out for dinner with a friend, it's our kind of "we have to go out for dinner before I leave" kind of thing... and in the saying my "good-byes" to many people, there is always food involved... it's nice but at the same time I can't wait to be able to stick to my diet the whole day for many days consistently. Anyway... I just wanted to mention I am thankful for coffee being allowed in a "weight loss diet", makes it so much better! Don't you think?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Has it been that long?

As I drank my cup of coffee this morning, I realized it's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I last posted here... and I actually felt embarrassed! I hope I can get a "grip" of blogging again! It's been crazy busy, I had a baby (she is gorgeous!! what can I say? I might be biased!) and during the pregnancy I "lost my taste for coffee" it was horrible to feel like I would never be able to enjoy a cup of coffee again, but little by little, after she was born, coffee and I reconciled, it took small steps, we looked at each other first, we had to "forgive each other" (I might have even said things that probably hurt! LOL!) and then with little sips, the old feelings rose and now we are "more in love than ever" ... And here I am ... trying to recover it all! My blog and my friends, the "Coffee Lovers" ...

We are also in the middle of a BIG MOVE HERE! We are moving to another state... over 1000 miles away... wow! that way I'll be closer to my family in Mexico, so it's exciting and a little nerve wrecking! But it's all for good! I hope once I get more normalcy in my life I'll be able to post more!

Love you all! and miss you tons!

How has this year been for you? Have you had issues with coffee too? Why don't you share a little about it? ...
My new girl, she is 6 months now... a Future COFFEE LOVER!