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Monday, April 22, 2013

Better late than never - Almond Streamline Cake with Lemon Custard

Hello everybody! Yes... I am back! At least I am faithful to post something once a month! Don't you think? Everything here is going well, I am running and preparing for my first 5k which will be on Saturday, the girls are growing, hubby's work is good.... oh wait... well... his car got stolen last week... but .... that's another story! Let's focus on our blessings! :D

So... today... I am going to share with you about "April's Cake" ... as you know... I am part of The Cake Slice Bakers  (find us on Facebook here) and I should've posted about our latest cake on the 20th... so I am a little late but here I am and that's what matters...

This month... the "winner cake" was an "Almond Streamliner Cake with Lemon Custard" from the Vintage Cakes Book by Julie Richardson, it is such a great book and all the recipes have worked for me so far! I didn't vote for this cake because hubby doesn't really love "lemony desserts" so I was actually a little "bummed" when this cake was chosen... I think the same thing happened last month... LOL! But we're a team so I still joined the group and baked it... I usually try to share my cake with friends... I just invite everyone who wants some cake to come to my house for cake and coffee (an open house kind of thing) and they come, children and everything for some good conversation and a sweet treat! I hadn't done this since last year because of Holidays... but once Easter was done I knew it was time to re-start my tradition.... And like usual I had a great turn out!

I decided to also make sugar cookies, brownies and chocolate cake to share with kids... and had the greatest time with wonderful, wonderful people!

This cake calls for Almond Paste which I had never used and I am so happy to have discovered this ingredient! Some of the ladies from our group even made their own paste, I just bought it but I will make sure I make my own next time I bake something with it! (There'll be definitely a next time) ... I must say that my almond paste gave the cake a delicious fragrance and just a subtle hint of "Amaretto flavor" in the background... it was very good! Everyone seemed to enjoy it (I hope they weren't just being nice) and most of the Cake Slice Bakers have agreed this cake is a keeper... My husband (as expected) didn't like it at all... but again... that's something I knew would happen because of the lemon custard (that man only wants chocolate! LOL!)

So... here we go with some pictures (If you want the recipe for this cake visit: my friend Anne and her blog "From My Sweet Heart"

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