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Why The Coffee Shop

Don't you love a good Coffee Shop? What do you think about when you think of your favorite one? I think of friends, good coffee (chocolate or tea!), I think of great atmosphere, books, and great desserts, I think of long conversations or silence and inner thoughts! But with the hectic life we live it is hard to go often to a Coffee Shop (and not always affordable). As a mom, I don't know how long it's been since I last took time to go out just to have a cup of Coffee... That's how I got the idea to bring that "atmosphere" to my own home (you can do the same whether you are at home or work)... you won't need to go out to have a good cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer to drink), if you are like me... you are welcome to join, sit back, relax and enjoy! Sometimes you'll see familiar faces of fellow bloggers,  we'll talk about books and/or movies or just share recipes! We can talk about kids and summer, music and laugh (or even cry together) This is YOUR Coffee Shop, you make it what it is... So Grab your cup and Enjoy with us!

If you would like to have your pictures (or recipes) shared on our blog... please just send them to:

Don't get disconnected, if you are a blogger too just follow us.... and/or add us to your "reading" list, we will have news, pictures, and even giveaways soon....