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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama - How to Get Started

I often see ladies confused on where to start the Trim Healthy Mama plan... some who haven't bought the book and are trying to do it by using the loads of info on pinterest, blogs, fb groups, I find others that have bought the book but are overwhelmed by the size of it... sometimes they take courage and read a page here and there, then they read something like "bananas are loaded with sugar" and they quickly close it again, put it away and feel like "they'll never get it" or "it's too hard" .... some others have bought it and read it (even more than once), they've highlighted and taken notes and they are at the stage where is all a lot of head knowledge but they don't know how to take those first steps and now WALK it.... they don't know how to land all that knowledge and translate it into daily meals....

So... what do I have to say for all of them?

Well... To those who haven't bought the book at all... PLEASE DO SO! Pinterest, Fb groups, blogs, etc... are all AMAZING TOOLS! But you'll keep coming back with not the normal regular questions we all are going to need help with ... .but questions that are clearly solved when reading the book... why can't we have honey? Why can't I have milk? My mom said I should eat more bananas... I want to have corn with my chili and so on... all those resources you'll find online are great things you can use once you've read the book.... that way, you'll also be able to distinguish if the pinterest recipe is actually a good one! (many bloggers add "THM" to their recipe but not all of them have all on plan ingredients.... ) ... If you think the book is expensive... try to save for it... it is worth it... I've often baked cookies and pies to buy something extra I've wanted... I even bought a rowing machine saving for it by selling pies, cakes, etc... where there's a will there's a way... but if you're already doing everything you can and every cent is crucial for your budget, that's ok too... check your local library, they might have a copy of the book. But yes... You DO need to have one.

Now... if you are the one who has bought the book but you're overwhelmed by the size of it... Let me assure you... there's great info there... Don't let the size scare you... There are some chapters that are not essential to get started (you can read those later), start from the beginning, DO READ the "science" behind it (first chapters) just tackle it!

If you have read it and read it and don't know where to start it could be for three reasons:

1. You feel like you just "don't get it" but let me tell you something... most of us THMs don't have a PHD, we're not geniuses, most of us have children (which I think highly damages the brain - LOL - and attention span), so... you are "getting it" but you're still unsure, and that's ok... "Practice Makes Perfect" it's until you start to apply the little things that you DO get that things click! It's like when you're in school ... you almost learn things by memory... 2+2=4 ... it might not even make much sense at first you just get it as "head knowledge" and then one day you can actually perform your own math problems... based on that same principle that 2+2=4 :)

2. You are a perfectionist - Yup... admit it... You feel like you want to get started when EVERYTHING is perfect... but allow yourself to make mistakes... it's ok... again, start practicing what you learned... if you don't understand something ask... apply the basic principles... what are those? Well... I know I can share those because they've already been shared on THM approved blogs so here I go....

Protein is the core of your meal....

You will either combine your protein with  a FUEL source... either FAT (for an S meal) or with CARBS (for an E meal) to promote weight loss... if you add both FAT AND CARBS then you have fuel collision and you get a crossover. Crossovers are plan approved but NOT weight loss inducing.
  • Satisfying (S) Meals (Protein + Fat)  - (Always try to include non starchy veggies) 
    • For example: Some sort of lean or fatty meat with buttered veggies or avocado, unsweetened nut butters, coconut oil is your best friend!
  • Energizing (E) Meals (LEAN Protein + Carbs) 
    • For example: Some sort of lean meat with a carb source (starchy veggies, oatmeal, lentils, beans, brown rice, quinoa)  (Fats up to only 1 tsp.)
  • Fuel Pull (FP) Meals (Lean Protein)
    • For example: A source of LEAN protein like a chicken breast with a salad, carbs and fats are both kept to a minimum or zero. Here you are not adding a fuel source with your protein.
  • Crossover ... Here you can mix both fuels...  
  • S- Helper: It's an S meal with a little bit of "E" carbs added... like 1/4 cup of beans, 1 slice of ezekiel bread, etc.
  Non starchy veggies are always a great addition, 0% Greek yogurt (unflavored) is plan approved and a great source of protein for any setting, (there's a new Oikos Triple Zero that is plan approved and it is flavored, it is delicious and it is FP, should only eat 1/2 a cup of that one in an S setting)

Always eat every THREE HOURS  (and a maximum of 4) ... avoid eating sooner than those 3 hours (in any setting but particularly if switching fuels)

See? You can get started... There's a lot more info... but... you have the book... right? If you start applying these principles you can then go more into each detail later... but the thing is... Let's get you STARTED!

Now... the other reason why you might not know where to start is:

3. You read the words "erythritol" or "glucommanan" and you feel like you will never be able to cook "normal" food again .... these sound like ingredients that you thought only the big food companies had access to! What kind of thing is going on in THM kitchens with such ingredients? Well... those are simple ingredients with big names... and guess what... all "special" ingredients in the book are not INDISPENSABLE for this plan. I actually recommend you START with the ingredients that you're familiar with (like chicken, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, beans, ground beef, cheese, avocados, apples, peanut butter, etc.) and once you get more familiar with this lifestyle look for a recipe that you really want to try and get adventurous and start getting the ingredients AS YOU ARE NEEDING THEM one at a time... that way it will not impact your wallet too hard either... You might find that you don't need them at all... or that you love them all so much that then they'll just become a staple in your kitchen.


Something else I want to recommend for beginners... Don't jump into THAT DELICIOUS LOOKING THM chocolate cake right away....

If you already did and it tasted "disgusting" let me tell you something... Your words don't offend us! LOL! ... I've seen so many times on the THM facebook group posts that say:

"I HATE THE MIM" (MIM = Muffin In a Mug) it IS DISGUSTING!

... Before you say more... let me tell you... We have HEARD IT ALL! yeah yeah... "DISGUSTING, BITTER, YUCK, AWFUL, HORRIBLE, CAN'T STAND IT, ETC."

Many of us were right where you are... I know you don't believe me... you feel like "your case is special" ... but IT ISN'T ... Your taste buds are tricking you!!! (sounds impossible to believe but it is true) ... I know exactly what stevia tastes like to you right now... and I know that it feels like "there's now way this is ever going to taste good" but... it does... and it tastes better not by "eating lots of it" ... it's not even so much a thing of "getting used to it" as much as getting RID of the "old sugar" in your system... Some ladies say it took them weeks to tolerate stevia... it took me MONTHS!!! I am a baker... (don't go to my older, way older posts but if you do you'll see a person who "loved her sugar") ... I know what "good tastes like" and when someone promised me I would eventually like stevia I actually shuddered and inside of me... I REFUSED TO! There was no way! I didn't even WANT TO like such an awful thing!!!! But one day... after cleaning my system for months and in desperation for eating something sweet I tried it again... and... hey! This is actually good!!!! And now... well... here I am... TOTALLY HOOKED!

So... don't start with desserts or you  will for sure be disappointed... start with your meals and snacks, one at a time... every three hours, avoiding fuel collision... have eggs and bacon.... grilled chicken and guacamole, chicken breast with brown rice, etc... etc... You'll get the hang of it... and once you've flushed SUGAR out of your system... give a dessert a try... allow yourself to not like it... and try again soon!

So... I guess that's my advice for those who want to get started but are still "on the fence" ... this plan is worth it! If you are still confused about some concepts... it might be actually more because it challenges your way of thinking... and I have another post on that here: THM IS TOO CONFUSING!

An extra TIP for beginners: ALWAYS READ YOUR LABELS... some of the big things you don't want to see:

Soy, Corn, Honey, Maple Syrup, Agave, Cane Sugar, Cane juice, Evaporated cane juice, Dextrose, Maltitol, Sucralose, Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, etc.

Learn to read those Nutrition Labels... You are always looking for NO sugar added... (no matter if you're eating S, E, FP, Crossover, SH)... how do you know if something has sugar added or not? It should be specified in the Ingredients section, right below the CHART that shows how many grams of each component, for example, tomatoes have natural sugars in them, you might see a pasta sauce that has 6 grams of sugar and it might be on plan as long as there is NO sugar in the ingredients.

Another thing to get started on the right foot is... ATTITUDE... Remember.... Every plan (no matter how freeing) still has some guidelines we need to follow in order to succeed.... yes... there are going to be some "sacrifices" to be made... but you're doing the most "doable" thing there is in order to lose weight and be healthy.... you're not willing to "pay" a little in order to attain it? How much do you really want it? I honestly get a little too sad when I see people almost with a "threatening" attitude saying: "I hate my coffee on THM I am going to quit" ... I get sad for them ... because... they are just hurting themselves... but I see they're probably not ready yet... yes... every change, even a good one requires adjustment and getting a little uncomfortable... Give it some time.... You will find yourself liking your coffee soon enough! There are great options... and even in the odd case that we aren't able to provide you with a good choice for you and your coffee... will you let that stop you from regaining your health? Just some food for thought. (wink)

I know there's a LOT MORE that I am not covering... hey... there's a book for that! And I know your reasons to still "be on the fence" might be different from what I mentioned.... you fear for your budget, you are afraid to "quit your bread", you don't want to cook different food for you than from your family, etc... but trust me.... no need to fear... whatever your reasons are just know that this works... and it is adaptable for everyone. Let's just get you started... the future is bright on THM!

© Paloma K.
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Out of this World Strawberry Shortcake - THM

Hello everybody! I can't believe I am at home blogging instead of in church praising... We've had a little bit of a rough start this year with "colds and flus" ... fever, chills, sweats, coughs have been filling our home ... but also snuggles and thankfulness that we have a roof, heat and everything we need RIGHT INSIDE our home.... I always praise God for running water in my sink... in my shower! I will tell you more about that soon! But for now.... I am thankful that it seems the worst of this flu is behind us.

So... the recipe that I bring to you today is not of my own creation (at least not the whole thing) .... the actual cake "batter" recipe is from Karen at: The Fruit of Her Hands.

Now... Without further ado.... I bring to you this delicious cake recipe... if you are a Trim Healthy Mama, then you... like me... don't need a birthday to eat cake!

You eat cake because you are free.... because you can and... because you love it!

 Here it is:


 Yield: It's ALL yours! No need to share! (1 serving)

(The Cake itself is FP, - if you are a Trim Healthy Mama you know what I am talking about... if not ... make it anyway!) 



  • 1/4 cup oat fiber - From THMor this one
  • a couple of pinches sea salt
  • 3/4 tsp. glucomannan - this is what I use
  • 1/2 tsp. aluminum free baking powder - like this
  • 3 packets of. Truvia - (or make it with your sweetener of choice to taste)
  • 1/3 cup egg whites - (I buy the carton of 100% liquid egg whites, don't waste egg yolks)
  • 3 tbsp. water
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
(To keep FP you will also need Reddi Whip, Strawberries and Truvia for the topping)

Now... if you're ok turning this dessert into an "S"


  • 1/4 - 1/3 cup VERY COLD heavy whipping cream
  • 1 doonk of stevia extract (or sweetener to taste)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Note of Caution: Oat Fiber and Oat Flour ARE NOT the same... oat fiber has 0 carbs and 0 calories... it can be used in any setting (on thm plan), while oat flour is great for you but it's an E, higher on calories and carbs, should be kept in an E setting.


Mix dry ingredients in  a bowl (I actually use a medium Pyrex Bowl to mix and bake all in the same thing), then add wet ingredients and mix well. Cook in microwave for about 1 minute 30 seconds (it will be oh so slightly wet on top). -each microwave varies but that works for me-.If you prefer not to use a microwave, you can bake this in a 350° oven for 20-25 minutes or until done. Once it comes out I use a spatula to help loosen the edges and dump it out onto a clean kitchen towel to cool.

While the cake is cooling off... I get the topping going:

Cut up some strawberries and sprinkle with Truvia. Allowing the strawberries to sit a while will make them juicier and more sweet. Ne sure use no more than 1 cup of strawberries.

When your cake has cooled off, serve on a plate, top with Reddi Whip (to keep it FP)

Or... let's whip that cream!

With a mixer.... mix all the ingredients (heavy cream, sweetener, vanilla) on high until soft peak forms .... serve immediately over your cake! Top with the strawberry slices.

Enjoy! (and... would you let me know how you liked it?)

© Paloma K.

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Apple and Cinnamon Quinoatmeal - THM E

 Hello fellow foodies! Let's talk super foods, shall we? If you are part of the Trim Healthy Mama community then you know about the difference when it comes to "E, S, FP and Crossover" Meals/Snacks... If you are not part of that plan but you love good, healthy and tasty food ... don't leave... this recipe is for you too!

So... Before we get to the recipe let's talk a little bit about something, and let's be honest fellow THMs... Dairy... don't you love it? I do! What would I do without cheese? it's so good! But at the same time many of us tend to overdo it... No judgment here... just speaking out of my very own personal experience... And if we're not careful, the "frankenfoods" start to occupy way to many places in our menu... The THM plan gives you lots of freedom... but sometimes I like to switch things around a little bit to keep my metabolism moving and on its toes... And I like to give it a shock of energy not only with tons of veggies but with some amazingly good for you ingredients like:

Red Quinoa and Steel Cut Oats ,

Quinoa is rich in amazing nutrients for you, it is gluten free, it has all the essential amino acids (including Lysine), it basically has more and better protein than most grains, it has a glycemic index of 53 which is low for a grain and it's even better when soaked -soaking removes the phytic acid-, it is high in minerals like magnesium, is loaded with antioxidants and IT IS EASY too cook and incorporate into your meals.

I hope I just convinced you in case you were doubting...

Now... what are Steel Cut Oats? and what's the difference between them and the old fashioned rolled oats? or even the quick cooking oats? The difference is mostly that they are less processed, steel cut oats is the first best option, rolled oats is the second best and the quick cooking or instant I would just avoid them... because the more processed they are, the faster they convert into sugar in your body. Steel cut oats is basically the whole groat cut in pieces while rolled oats go through the process of steaming/pressing between rollers and drying them... They are still a very good choice but not the very best... Nutritionally there's no difference BUT the glycemic value is a bit different and it can change how our body reacts to the conversion of carbs to sugar in the body. (Don't be afraid of rolled oats, they are still a good option and definitely THM approved! Just don't use the "quick cooking" or "instant" kind).

Now after all that I am sure you want me to get into the recipe... Right? This breakfast is sooo delicious and so... dare I say SATISFYING? (I am always a bit afraid of using the word "satisfying" when talking about an "E" THM meal... I don't want anybody to be confused!) BUT... This stuff is sooo good! You can even have it for lunch! Why not?

This recipe requires a bit of preparation ahead of time... but it's totally worth it!

Apple Cinnamon Quinoatmeal 

Servings: 2
Nutrition PER SERVING:
CARBS: 39 grams, FIBER: 4 grams, NET CARBS: 35 grams, FAT: 2.9 grams, PROTEIN: 5.5 grams.


  • 1/4 cup Red Quinoa (why red? because it's pretty! But you can also use white quinoa)
  • 1/4 cup Steel Cut Oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cashew or almond milk, plus more for serving
  • 1 pinch sea salt 
  • 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • sweetener to taste (I used 1 doonk of pure THM stevia extract) - click here to know what a doonk is 
  • splash of vanilla 
  • 1 apple cubed or shredded


  • The night before cooking, rinse quinoa thoroughly and drain. Combine oats and quinoa in a medium saucepan and cover with 1 cup boiling water, (put a lid on it and forget about it 'till the next day).
  • In the morning, bring oats and quinoa to a boil. Stir in almond milk, salt, and cinnamon and reduce heat to low. Cook, stirring occasionally, until quinoa grains are tender, 8–10 minutes. Remove from the heat, add splash of vanilla and sweetener, give it a stir to incorporate.
  • Top quinoatmeal with apple, and sprinkle more cinnamon, if desired. Drizzle with unsweetened almond or cashew milk to thin or enjoy as it is (like I do! it's pretty thick... but you can thin it to your own liking!)


    This is what the oatmeal and quinoa looked like when I covered them with the boiling water in the night.

    Now this is what the mix of grains looked like the next morning

    Once the quinoatmeal is ready it yields 1 1/2 cups.... 3/4 of a cup is ONE serving.

Now... if you want to pair this with some more protein... Go ahead! You can use 0% Greek Yogurt and now it doesn't even have to be UNFLAVORED... There is this new (DELICIOUS) Yogurt from Dannon that is sweetened WITH STEVIA! YAY!!! I have tried strawberry, vanilla and coconut... they are all delicious but I can't wait to get my hands in a BANANA CREME one!

So... it's been confirmed to be plan approved! It has 15 grams of protein and it will keep you in a very healthy "E" because it has no fat! (if you eat it by itself it would be an FP)

So... Let me know how you like this delicious SUPER breakfast packed with nutrition and flavor... I'll love to hear from you.

© Paloma K.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

THM Shrimp and Rice

Agh... My from couch to half a marathon challenge has become more of a from couch to bed thing... My girls and I have the respiratory flu... and it hasn't been fun... chills, fever, coughing... the whole deal! It's been a nightmarish week... I can't wait to get back at it! But for now I thought I would share a recipe with all of you, since I've abandoned my blog as well...  hopefully it gets my mind off of things...

So... here it is... a very easy and delicious recipe...

Shrimp and "Rice"
THM - "S", Low Carb.



For the rice:

  • 1 big head of cauliflower (or two smaller ones) - cooked (steamed) until "slightly aldente" (they should be cooked through but not mushy) - preferably do this a day ahead and let it sit in the fridge overnight so it dries up even more, this is optional -
  • Coconut Oil (about 2 tbsp.) or 1/2 stick of grass-fed butter 
  • 1/2 small white onion (chopped)
  • 1 big (or 2 small) cloves of garlic (finely chopped or even grated )
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper (or you can use half yellow/half red to add more color)
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped cilantro

For the shrimp:

  • 1 lb. raw small clean shrimp (you can use it already shelled or with the shell on, shell removed is best because the shrimp will keep all the flavor in its meat) - you can buy it even frozen, just make sure it is thawed by the time you're about to cook it -
  • olive oil (about 2 tbsp.)
  • the zest of 1 big lime (or lemon)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • chili powder (to taste, I used about a tablespoon)


- Turn on the broiler (so it gets pretty hot)

Now, let's make this!

  1. In your Food Processor pulse the cauliflower until it's in "rice" size (don't over process or you'll get puree)
  2. Heat a large skillet (on med-high) and add the Coconut Oil or grass-fed butter (or a combination of both) -don't let the butter brown- , when your oil is hot add the onions and green bell peppers until the onions are translucent, add the garlic and "rice" and gently stir with a Wooden Spoon until it's all incorporated and the cauliflower gets a slight golden color. Season with salt and pepper, turn off the heat and set aside.
  3. Line a large baking sheet (I use my jelly roll pan) with aluminum foil, place the clean shrimp on it and drizzle with the oil, add the rest of the ingredients and toss with your hands so the shrimp is all evenly coated.
  4. Place the shrimp in the broiler and cook for 5 minutes.
  5. While the shrimp is cooking sprinkle your rice with the chopped cilantro, serve on individual plates (it should still be hot), get the shrimp out, serve over the rice (in equal portions) add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon, season with a bit more salt (if necessary) and sprinkle with more cilantro if desired. I even added a bit of chopped tomato and it was yummy, if you want to go all out you can add some slices of avocado on the side.
Enjoy!!! Let me know if you enjoy this recipe.

© Paloma K.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mexican Breakfast - THM Style

Hello there friends from all over the world! Today I bring to you a traditional dish from the North East of Mexico... If you think you know Mexican food but you've never lived there then you don't really know it... actually, even many of us, Mexicans born and raised in Mexico still have a lot to learn about our traditional Mexican cuisine... learning about all the dishes could take a lifetime! As every state and even probably every city in Mexico has its very own traditional dishes (or variations).

"Huevos" (eggs) are a staple in any good Mexican breakfast,  and it makes me so happy because they are an amazingly good source of great protein and fat, perfect for an "S" Meal! The only thing is that of course, a Mexican like me... will have to miss the delicious, just made corn tortillas to go with it... but that's ok... I can handle it! The dish by itself is really satisfying and filling.

The Name of the dish is "Guayin" - pronounced (close pronunciation): goo-ah-yeen and I would say it is like a "stuffed Omelette".

There are a few different versions of this dish ... today I will tell you how to make the two most common ones... 1 for a perfect S, the other for an S-helper (or even a healthy and yummy crossover).

Guayin Tamaulipeco   (Stuffed Mexican Omelette)
 (Tamaulipeco means that is from Tamaulipas, the state where I was raised)

Note: Please forgive the picture, I made it in such a hurry and ate it so fast I didn't even take the time to get a better shot, as soon as I get a good one I will change the pic.


(Yield 1 serving)

  • 1 tbsp. butter (grass-fed preferably)
  • 3 whole eggs (preferably room temperature, just because this helps the egg cook faster at a lower temperature and it creates a more tender result)
  • 1 National Hebrew All Beef Frank
  • 2-3 tbsp. of Salsa (No sugar added) ... I use Pace or a "Private Selection" chipotle/habanero salsa (yummy!)
  • Shredded cheddar cheese (feel free to add to your taste!)
  • Salt to taste
  • OPTIONAL - Fat free Refried Beans (I use and love ROSARITA beans, from the Hispanic Aisle) - You would use about 2 tbsp. for S-helper or more if you don't mind going into crossover territory... BEANS are a MUST in any good Mexican guayin but if you want to keep it an S don't include them, it will still be yummy!

  • Cut your Beef Frank in half length wise (you can completely separate the halves or just "butterfly" it)
  • In a hot skillet (slightly greased) cook your frank until it has a beautiful darker (not burnt) color and it should be "bending" (like an arch) from the heat. Remove from the skillet and set aside.
  • In two separate bowls microwave (you could also do this on the top stove) your salsa and refried beans (if using) -covered with a paper towel or you'll get a mess in your microwave- so that these ingredients are hot.
  • In a glass bowl gently mix your eggs with a fork (don't over mix, this should be gentle to prevent too many air bubbles from forming), season with salt to taste (don't add too much, try adding a pinch only and then once you taste it when it's ready you will know if you need more, remember the frank and cheese will also add salt to it).
  •  Heat your pan at medium/high heat, add the butter and once it's melted and hot pour the egg mixture (you are basically making an omelette)... if you've never made an omelette Alton Brown has great directions on how to make one... click here if you need them
  • Once you've cooked your egg mixture on both sides (and before folding your omelette) remove the omelette from the heat, spread the refried beans (not all the way to the edges) and place your beef frank in there, add some shredded cheese, fold in half (like a quesadilla), add your salsa on top and sprinkle with more cheddar cheese. You can eat this for breakfast or dinner, with a salad on the side... Sliced avocado sprinkled with salt goes great with it too!


© Paloma K.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

From Couch to Half a Marathon in 14 weeks FULL plan

Today was the first ACTIVE day of our From Couch to Half a Marathon Challenge, this challenge actually starts with a Day of Rest, so it officially started yesterday... But you're still on time to jump right in and join us! I am excited to see how this challenge is already motivating people to get movin'!

Today I got new running shoes! Woohoo! Mine were a sad thing to look at... especially in the inside... so they were very necessary to be able to do this without injuries... If you need good running shoes this is the time! Before we get into the higher mileage of our challenge!

Today my friend Venessa (who has also accepted this challenge) posted this on my fb:

 Made me laugh but it's so true... It's interesting that sometimes we actually wait until "we feel good" to exercise... But ... if you haven't tried it yet... I promise you... You will never feel good enough to do it.. and you'll actually feel your best right after! I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I get things done... "Good things happen when you don't give up"

It's easy to step off the treadmill, to snooze the alarm, to not go any further... But the reward and satisfaction you get when you push through is AMAZING... And a great booster for your next work out! 
... I am now going to share the FULL schedule here ... I hope you too will take the challenge (Remember you can start in a day that best works for you and your schedule)

Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run/Walk – 2 Miles
Thursday – Low Impact Cross Training 30 Minutes
Friday – Run/Walk – 2 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run/Walk 3 Miles
Monday – Walk 2 Miles

Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run/Walk 3 Miles + Strength Training for 20 minutes
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 30 Minutes
Friday – Run/Walk 2 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run/Walk 3 Miles
Monday – Walk 2 Miles

Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run/Walk 3 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 30 Minutes
Friday – Run/Walk 2 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday: Run/Walk 3 Miles
Monday: Walk 2 Miles

Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 2 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 30 Min.
Friday – Easy Run 3 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 4 Miles
Monday – Walk 3 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 3 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Easy Run 3 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 5 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 3 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Easy Run 3 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 6 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Easy Run 4 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 7 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Tempo Run 4 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 8 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 45 Min.
Friday – Tempo Run 4 Miles
Saturday – L.I. Cross training 30 Min. or Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 9 Miles 
Monday – Run/Walk 4 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Tempo Run 4 Miles
Saturday – Cross Training 30 Min. or Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 10 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles

Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Tempo Run 4 Miles
Saturday – Cross Training 30 Min. Or Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 10 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles 


Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 Min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross Training 40 Min.
Friday – Tempo Run 4 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 11 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles


Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles + Strength Training (20 min.)
Thursday – L.I. Cross training 40 Minutes
Friday – Easy Run 4 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 6 Miles
Monday – Run/Walk 3 Miles


Tuesday  -  Rest
Wednesday – Easy Run 4 Miles
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Easy Run 3 Miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Easy Run 2 Miles
Monday – Half Marathon!!! (13 miles)

  • Strenght Training (ST) - (sessions of 20 minutes) (push-ups, squats, lunges, deadlifts, planks, etc)
  • Easy Runs (ER): Runs at a comfortable, conversational pace. No huffing or puffing involved.
  •  Run/Walk (R/W): (Alternate between running and walking), you must walk at a brisk pace to make your transition to running easier. (run about a minute and walk about a minute, you can and should increase your running times as it gets easier).
  • Walks (W): You’ll walk some of your miles so you can safely build your fitness, but keep a brisk pace.
  •  Tempo Runs (TR): Run at a faster pace, it should be harder than the Easy Runs but not so hard that you can't breath, this runs should improve your speed and resistance, you can actually start at a more comfortable pace and increase your speed after you are all warmed up, when you are done with your run you can add a few minutes of walking at a relaxed pace.
  • Cross Training (XT) - Low Impact - (like cycling, swimming, elliptical), what you do will be your choice, but it is important that you do not skip these exercises.

This whole plan is not of my own making, I got the great idea from: Women's Running , I just adapted it to what works best for me. Remember to do some stretching and warm up before you start each run!

© Paloma K.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama is TOO confusing

  "Trim Healthy Mama is too confusing" , "I can't figure it out", "it's so frustrating", "I am overwhelmed", "I don't understand it", "I'll never get it", "It seems like a lot", "this is impossible" "why can't we eat bananas?" (btw, that is a misconception), "the book is too big!"... etc... etc... etc...

Have you heard that too? I think I read that everyday, several times a day... and that's ok... I get it... and really, truly, genuinely I want to tell you... "I get it" ... We all want the simplest thing, the easy route, the "eat everything and lose weight" promise!, if you're overweight or have been overweight I am sure that you too let a big sigh out when you see the promises of a "beach body" on tv in just 6 weeks! You too want to lose 10 pounds in a week... You too want perfect abs just "walking" (but wait... even then we will NOT walk!) ... If you have heard of Trim Healthy Mama and you are feeling confused, discouraged and overwhelmed there are some things I want to share with you (some from my own personal experience) before you throw in the towel...

Trim Healthy Mama is "just as hard" to learn as whatever else you've been doing... it's just DIFFERENT and *that* is the challenge.

Now... please take everything I am going to say the right way... I am just trying to encourage you... I am in no way judging you... but I feel like the things I'm about to say need to be said and I am going to say them in love and with understanding because I, too, have been there.

Yes... there's a learning curve involved... just like it is with EVERYTHING ELSE... But I've come to realize that the HARDEST part of this plan is actually the fact that it challenges mostly everything you've learned... Trust me... I am not a "Trim Healthy Mama" advocate (or "worshiper" -like some people claim all THMs are) I am just someone who has tried it all... and THM does challenge my way of thinking towards food... I think that's what makes it hard for our "brain" to just embrace it! ... every time we want to have fruit, yogurt and granola, honey and nuts for breakfast or a bowl of cereal with fat free milk we start scratching our heads again and say... "wait, what? why can't I eat this again?" and it's actually THAT resistance that makes THIS plan "so hard" ....

Trim Healthy Mama ... just like any other eating plan that has 'weight loss' as one of their "consequences" is of course going to ask you to have a certain discipline... is going to ask you to follow certain guidelines if you want to see results and succeed... BUT what makes it particularly challenging is the fact that we just wanted to read the "same ol' same ol" ... we want something familiar, that agrees with us and that makes us feel smart about how we've been doing things (at least that's my case) ... Maybe subconsciously BUT we can't believe we've been depriving ourselves with diets "just for nothing" ... we can't believe that our whole grain way of thinking has been wrong... we refuse to accept that eating all those granola bars and drinking orange juice every morning is not the best way to get the triglycerides down... NOW WAY! What???? Eggs??? I will lower my cholesterol with eggs?

zucchini frittata and coffee for breakfast

 And then... if you have to add on top of our very own "struggle to believe" the fact that our well intentioned relatives and friends keep telling you you should have rice with that or bread with that or you should be juicing or when people look weird at your big salad loaded with bacon and avocado and you KNOW (or at least you think so) what they're thinking... "No wonder she's so fat! Look at how much she eats! Isn't she going to at least remove the skin of her chicken?" we begin to doubt it all even more, question the whole thing and we then either feel the need to explain "oh, um, yeah, I am doing this new thing, I know it sounds crazy but this is actually going to help me lose weight" ... or we feel the need to "conform and *not eat like THAT* in public!" how embarrassing! Dipping your veggies in butter... adding ranch to your salad! NO WAY! Not in front of all this people... Not while I am still this big!

Spring mix salad with hard boiled eggs, avocado, tomato and sardines

What am I saying? Is Trim Healthy Mama the only way to lose weight? Absolutely NOT ... I firmly believe that Paleo, Fast Metabolism Diet, Weight Watchers and even Atkins they can all give you THAT weight loss you're seeking. I've lost weight counting calories and doing a bunch of other "accepted" diets.... But... what I DO know is that THM is what seems more doable for the long run... in a healthy way! Once you let go of your fears and just embrace it ... once you stop caring about how people think your plate looks and once you don't mind eating "AGAIN!!!???" "didn't you just eat 3 hours ago???" then things start to click and work for you...

Lettuce "TACOS"

How much weight have I lost doing THM? Honestly... NOT ONE POUND.... I've been at it for a while... AND I know it works! My numbers are never better as to when I follow THM to the T .... How can I keep doing this? Well... 'cause I know my case is different... we all are... I have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I do have Hypothyroidism as a consequence... I had been off THM for a while (on and off... but that's not how THIS works!) and I even tried to embrace the weight watchers or something else! Even something of my OWN making where I can include more bread or something like that! Well... guess what? Now my brain is all ruined...  I know what truly works and what feels better and like something I can do forever ... Now all the other plans sound "too hard, too confusing, too frustrating, impossible!!!" to me.... THM is part of who I am now and part of what I believe works ... I know I can get results with other plans, but I also know I don't see me doing them for life! And that's what's always "made me gain weight again" ... THM works and it is good for you... My sister lost 5 pounds her first week... she's at it again right now... Whatever you decide to do... THM or another plan... well... just be ready to make sacrifices, be open to realize maybe you don't have "all the answers" ... if THM was a plan that will tell you all what you ALREADY know... all what's already "out there" (eat less and exercise) then there wouldn't be the need for a book and Serene and Pearl dedicated years of their lives just to tell you what you already knew... what's comfortable... what seems safe, the quick fad that sounds awesome but never works.

Sadly, what we want most times is just "a pill", the easy thing, we almost want "someone else to read the book for us" and to just tell us "do this easy thing and you'll be thin"... we actually look forward to the "pins and posts" that make it all "easy" for us... like if printing another tip or list of foods will now make it finally possible... if you're not willing to even take the step of reading the book and learning the concepts, honestly I don't think you're ready to lose the weight... maybe you're not *there* yet... and that's ok... I've been at that point... wanting to lose weight but NOT quite ready to make the necessary changes!  maybe it's not your time yet, no problem! it's normal and common... but please let's not blame the plan for not working... it works for hundreds... I myself with my blood tests and results am proof that I've never been healthier (except for the thyroid)... and now that I just started a better treatment I have high hopes that the weight will start to give in too and I'll be happy to share those results with you!

So... what am I saying? Jump right in... head first and be willing to WORK at it... just like with everything... it will require of you some effort and discipline... yes you won't feel "the greatest" when you cut sugar off of your diet... yes... sometimes you'll feel like things don't make sense... But your health is worth the effort, the learning, the discipline and YOU are not alone... you can always ask questions and get encouragement with the thousands of THMS that are doing this... at some point it will become just part of who you are and how you do things...

Please work at it... it is worth it and you'll never want to stop eating like this to lose weight!

BTW... it's important to GET moving too! If you're interested to join me in my "From couch to half Marathon" challenge click here

© Paloma K.