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Friday, December 20, 2013

Baking... a cheap therapy!

Hello everybody! It's time for us, The Cake Slice Bakers, to reveal our cake of the month... This month's selection was delicious ... unfortunately I didn't have much opportunity to enjoy the "eating part" of it...

So... on Thursday 5th my dad had a heart attack... he was rushed to the hospital and I, living far away from my parents, felt the anxiousness of not being able to do anything and long hours of waiting since the heart attack was really major and we wouldn't know if my dad would make it... I found about this on the 5th almost at midnight...

So, on the 6th, while not knowing what was going to happen I baked... I hadn't planned yet to bake the cake that day... but ... to avoid eating my already non-existent fingernails I started to bake... I know I should've prayed more... but even praying made me feel a knot in my stomach and throat... and would cause lots of intense sobbing and having two little ones at home with me... I still had to try to make things "normal" for them... So... I baked... I went ahead and grabbed the ingredients for this cake which is thankfully very easy to make and I even followed the advice of our fellow baker Anabel from Oven Delights and used some almond extract in the batter of this cake which I think was really "the" thing that made it extra special.

On Friday night we had friends over who enjoyed the cake with us and stayed until 1 in the morning just being supportive and talking with us (as I avoided to have time to think because I felt like I wouldn't take it) and on Saturday morning I took the rest of the cake to a friend's house for her and her family to enjoy as we left to see my dad in the hospital, which unfortunately didn't happen because he couldn't have any strong emotions due to his state...

Today... as I type this... he's been released from the hospital after two weeks being there... he is recovering and I am so thankful for it! He will continue to recover at home and I pray that the next cake I bake will be in a celebratory atmosphere!

So... Thank you for reading... I wish you all Merry Christmas and highly suggest you try this cake... Unfortunately, given the circumstances I didn't even take pics of the process of making it and just managed to get a picture of one of the squares... this cake is better while still slightly warm ... Remember: We are baking from "Great Cakes" book by Carole Walter. Hopefully you'll get the book and try this recipe!

So... here's my pic:

© Paloma K.