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Friday, February 26, 2010

Coffee Friday... from "Sweet Nothings"

Happy Coffee Friday dear friends! Thanks for choosing "The Coffee Shop" one more time as your place to enjoy a good Friday! the place to end your week and just have a good time!

Today's pictures are from my new friend BJ, she is a Christian woman, I can see she is wonderful person and I love her blog Sweet Nothings, you have to visit it, I know you will want to after you see the beautiful pictures she let me use from her blog for our Coffee Friday!

So... here are the pictures:


Aren't these pictures great? This last picture has a caption that I want to include (from her blog)

"After I finished this post, I remembered this little antique coffee grinder that belonged to my mama..SHE didn't use it...bought her ground coffee from the market. She probably got this at a sale somewhere. She loved THRIFTING, too...and SHE taught ME well !" - BJ

So... I hope you enjoyed this Coffee Friday... Please send your pictures for future Coffee Fridays... share a cup of coffee with us.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ojala que llueva Cafe - May it rain Coffee

I was just watching a video that I should share here... it's a song that was very popular in Mexico and South America in 1990 the singer is Juan Luis Guerra and the name of the song is "May it rain Coffee" it is in Spanish and it would be very hard to translate it into English (and still make sense or sound as poetic as it sounds in Spanish) but I will share the translation of one of the verses of the song:

So that down on the farm, there isn’t so much suffering, oh man,
May it rain coffee in the countryside.
So that in Los Montones they hear this song,
May it rain coffee in the countryside…
So that all the children, sing in the countryside,
May it rain coffee in the countryside.
So that in La Romana they hear this song,
May it rain coffee in the countryside...

Here is the video.... so many memories of my early teen years...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday: Jokes, Quotes and interesting facts

Happy Tuesday everyone! Thanks to the loyal readers, followers and visitors of "The Coffee Shop" for stopping by one more day!

As you know I only have time to post here... Just a reminder to please just be patient with me as I can't answer as much right now to the comments! I still love you and I hope strong friendships are formed not only with me (I've found great friends here!) but among all of you!

Today is Tuesday and here are some quotes, jokes and facts... all related to coffee:

Some funny quotes I found:

"Chocolate, men, coffee - some things are better rich!" 

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea;  but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." - Abraham Lincoln 

"Way too much coffee.  But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever. " ~David Letterman

So....  I think we already got some good laughs with our quotes... right?

Now, some interesting facts:

  • Drinking a single cup of coffee that has been brewing for 20 minutes provides the body with 300 phytochemicals which act as antioxidants and stay in the body for up to a month.
  • One coffee tree yields less than half a kilo of coffee per year.
  • A coffee tree lives for between 60 and 70 years.
Happy Tuesday! AND DO NOT FORGET Coffee Friday... Invite your friends to have "a cup of coffee" with us!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not worth a picture!!!

Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY everyone! I hope you are ready and excited to start a new week! If you need some help getting started just have a cup of something warm and delicious, it can be tea, hot chocolate or coffee (of course) but in "The Coffee Shop" we do not discriminate those who do not like coffee.... we do not completely understand them but we happily accept them in our group as long as they want to share a good time with us! ;)

So, Saturday hubby and I went shopping (I was needing some clothes) and I got a great surprise, he bought a perfume for me! yay!!! he says he told me he would buy it but I guess I didn't understand what he said, because when I was getting all the stuff out of the bags at home I saw the box of the perfume and couldn't believe it! It was better that way! It was a very nice surprise! later that night I felt like having a cheeseburger and he did too so we went to Sonic (neither of us had ever eaten anything from Sonic) -can you believe it?- it was sooooo good! I am one satisfied customer! then we went to a coffee shop (I will not mention the name because their coffee is generally good) and I ordered my cup of coffee! That would be the "highlight" of my day! I was looking forward to it! I was so happy.... I sipped hoping for the most wonderful flavor and.... iack! it was awful! I had my camera ready to take a picture but..... it really wasn't worth taking one! hubby told me to give it back... but I just knew it wasn't their fault.. I ordered something I never order there and the label of their coffee pretty much says that is stronger than others.... and yes... I couldn't take it!

So, I had a great weekend! just that little disappointment but just being at a nice place with hubby and our beautiful daughter is wonderful!
So, how was your weekend????

Friday, February 19, 2010

Coffee Friday.... by a beautiful "Cookie Girl"

Good Friday my beautiful readers, followers, friends and coffee lovers! Today's picture for our 3rd. Coffee Friday was sent by my friend "The Cookie Girl" ... even her blogging name goes great with coffee, doesn't it?

She has been a great support for "The Coffee Shop" I love her comments here and I love her blog where she shares great recipes of the most heavenly looking sweets! She is passionate about baking and you can tell she has such a sweet spirit too! (I just love the most recent pictures she shared of a sweet little ballerina) I am already saying too much.... you have to go visit her blog: Cookie Girl Creations.

So, here is the picture she sent for Coffee Friday...

And about the picture she shares: "I took a picture just for you today. We were braving the snow and got to eat some lunch so I took a picture at there. Can you guess where I am at?"

So... can you guess where she is at?

Thanks everyone for being part of Coffee Friday! Please... when you drink a cup of coffee... do not forget to take a picture so you can share it with us... It will be like enjoying a cup of coffee together... it doesn't have to be super fancy or professional.... just share some coffee love with us!

Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy... and ... virtual suicide???

I miss my blog SO MUCH! (hey! I posted yesterday! What am I complaining about?) Well... I used to spend more time here and answering to everybody and you can see the comments on my posts are already going down! But whatever I have to do I will do to improve as a mom and have more time with my daughter!

Especially because this winter has been hard on us, being sick and everything so we have been inside the house most of the time, but... since we are feeling better we have been going out to the gym again! I even went twice yesterday! We have to burn those extra calories from cookies and all those delicious things we like to eat! I don't know why I don't cook more like Rimmy from Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right all of her recipes look so good and they are healthy too! I have to follow her lead and just start cooking different... well... it's not even what I cook... I cook pretty healthy too, but it's the other stuff ... like the brownie bites that hubby buys ... or the cookies that my Father in law's wife just brought home tonight! They are sooooo good!

So... coffee is brewing right now and I am just waiting for hubby to come home so we can drink it together.... please remember that even when I am busy I often think of all of you, miss reading and writing more... but I am still around... and The Coffee Shop is open and IN BUSINESS for a long time (God willing)... A friend recently wrote on the "Christian Mommies" Forums that I am part of... that she was going to commit "virtual suicide" ... it sounded scary... but she basically deleted her facebook account and cancelled her "membership" on any site or online forums (except for the Christian Mommies one) .... and I thought it was tempting... but then I realized I enjoy this too much (LOL!) so I am not committing "virtual -or any kind- of suicide" I am just trying to have a healthy schedule of the time I spend online.... I usually think it's not "that much" but isn't it true that by the time you realize it time flew??? 

Anyway.... stay tuned and do not stop visiting your favorite virtual Coffee Shop... Especially on Coffee Friday!!!! Remember to send your pics! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday: Jokes, Quotes and interesting facts

Good morning dear friends! I am sorry I haven't been able to visit as many bogs as I always do.... and of course I haven't been able to comment either.... I've been really busy here! My Google Reader has hundreds of unread items! It's been really busy here and with a growing girl things get more demanding.... I've been trying to dedicate more time to her so I will have to really schedule my blogging time! I think you will see me around more during the evenings... Let's see how that works! But The Coffee Shop is open 24/7 so you can grab a cup of coffee anytime and stop by to see what's new, read, comment and just have a nice time!

Today is Tuesday and as you know last week we started dedicating this day to jokes, quotes and facts about coffee...

So here we go:

Some Quotes:

"A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent"

"Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin !!"

"Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation."

"I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine."


Did you know...?

The coffee bean is actually a seed inside a bright red berry.

Coffee is the 2nd. most traded commodity on earth.... (Now I wonder what the first one is! )


Let's laugh...

"At the data-entry company where I work, the other operators and I share a coffeepot. One morning I took it into the ladies room to fill it with water. Then I began preening in the mirror, brushing my hair and reapplying some makeup. I didn't realize how long I'd been until someone slid a note under the door. "You win," it read. Any ransom demand will be met. Just release the coffeepot."



Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My girl's Valentine

Sorry this is not about food, drink or anything related to coffee.. but ... there is nothing that nourishes more than love and nothing sweeter than a girl and her daddy! So in a way... I am still providing with something sweet for all of you to enjoy! I don't think I need to say more... The pictures will say it all...


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

My Valentine's

Last year hubby surprised me for Valentine's...  We went to one of his aunt's house supposedly to have coffee and cake with them, only when we got there they gave me the local newspaper to see an "article" and my surprise was that in the newspaper there was a picture of hubby where he said the plans for Valentine's... and how he had arranged some "family members" to babysit for us.... Only then I understood we weren't really going to stay with his aunt... and we went to a very nice place for dinner, just the two of us... it was really cool

This year I had no idea we were planning on doing anything... But yesterday... you know, I cleaned the house and did whatever I always have to do here... and then he asked me if I wanted to go anywhere... I told him I just wanted to go for a drive because I've been home for too long with either my girl or me being sick.... He asked me if I'd like to go to the house of a couple of friends who just had their baby and I told him it would be nice to stop by, (they live far so I had to make sure I carried enough stuff for our daughter since we were going to be away for a while), hubby didn't seem to be in a hurry at all... and we left home at 4, then hubby took another road and we ended up at the house of another couple, who are our best friends, once we turned into the road that goes to their house I said: "Are we going to A and J's? he really made a face like "oops" and he laughed... he said: "Oh! my! what am I doing? we were going to Jess and Josh!? oh! well... we are here so let's stop by and say hi... I truly believed he made a mistake... I mean... we hang out and talk so much about A and J that I thought he just had them on his mind and made the mistake of driving to their house... once we got there I said... sorry we didn't call... we are here by mistake... so I started telling them how hubby drove to their house instead of the other friends' ... they were smiling and hubby said: "Paloma, they are babysitting for us! Let's go" HUH??? Just like that? I had everything that was needed for our daughter so it was fine but I was really really surprised, my friends were part of it all along of course! Hubby went to the car to get our girl's bag.... I was very excited and said bye to them I had no clue what we were going to do... Once I got to the car... this is what I found on my seat:

A bear, a card and a chocolate "rose" .... Once in the car I opened the card and... this is what I found:

Wow! But before going to the movies, we went for dinner... and of course ... I took pictures of that too...


We had an incredible time! And our daughter did too, when we were back she was sleeping peacefully... once we got home and to end our fabulous date... we had a cup of coffee...

I feel so spoiled right now!
Happy Valentine!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Coffee Friday ... By The MUSE

Welcome to our second COFFEE FRIDAY! I hope you are enjoying a cup of coffee and ready to enjoy the friendly environment of your favorite virtual "Coffee Shop"

Our Coffee Friday Picture

Today's Coffee Picture is courtesy of... "The Muse" , she is a great artist!!! such an inspired woman! she also has two amazing blogs that I want to invite all of the Coffee Lovers to visit and enjoy... Her blogs are:  Muse's Mystery Meatloaf  and   A Diva's Hammer Prose , Trust me... Her blogs are perfect for those who love coffee... because first one is about food and cooking and everything delicious! and the Diva's Hammer is great to be read while slowly drinking from your favorite cup!

So do not hesitate, and go visit her blogs ... you will not regret it! If you do... You'll get your money back! (guaranteed)

Be Happy! Enjoy your Friday! and SEND your pictures for our next Coffee Friday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little bit of everything...

I feel much better today! Thanks everyone for your encouragement and wishes!

I've been taking it easy these days ... and definitely "laughter" is a great medicine... I've been watching "The King of Queens" because I know that I am going to laugh for sure every time!

Here are some pics I'd like to share of my days of being completely imprisoned at home for having such a terrible cold... as you'll be able to see I wasn't really suffering!

Doug and Danny fighting! I love the King of Queens!

It finally snowed here too! So I've been looking through the window a lot!

I made meatballs w/vegetables and rice too! My daughter loved it!

And of course... drinking my coffee helped too!

I know I will feel completely well once I get more pictures for COFFEE FRIDAY! Remember! It is tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awards and more!

I just want to say I am so honored for all the Blog awards I have received.... I know some people think it's silly...  I think it is a great way to encourage others and also to invite your readers to discover blogs you enjoy! So they can hopefully join them too!

I have received several awards and I've never blogged about it (sorry) but I want to say Thanks!!! It makes me feel really special and it makes me want to continue with this "Coffee Shop" project! It is still taking shape, trust me, there are big plans for the future (God willing).

So... I want to mention the awards I have received:

SWEET FRIENDS AWARD (on January 3rd 2010 and February 2nd 2010)

I was honored to receive this award first in January and when the name of my blog was still "Coffee Lovers" from Cynthia , she is a great blogger and a great cook, there is always passion in everything she shares... You can visit her blog too!!! Cookin' with Cynthia

Then, a month later I received this award again from a sweet blogger and future wife (she is on a journey to the altar!) her name is Katie and I love her blogs: One Girl's Journey to the Altar and This Beautiful Mess Project 365 Trust me! You have to visit them both!
BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD (January 9th 2010 and February 10th 2010)

The Beautiful Blogger award was a wonderful surprise in January, it came from a great woman and I am really thankful! She also follows my other blog and she tries to raise her kids in a way that they value their cultural backgrounds (Black and Mexican) her name is Ruby and her blog is: Growing up BLACKXICAN

Trust me! It's a lot of fun there! ;)

and Just YESTERDAY I received this same award again (one month later) and I was so excited... So I want to thank Dorothy from Kitchen Koala and her "caketastic (misadventures) in baking... and beyond! ... Thanks Dorothy! I really appreciate the award! Her blog is a "must visit" It's not only SUPER CUTE (I 've always had an obsession with koalas!) but it's a great place to break your diet! I mean... if you are going to break it it should be with something LIKE the things she cooks

This time...  I am going to follow the rules of the award.... So, here I go!

Instructions for the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your blog

3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated.

Here are 7 "hopefully interesting" things about myself:
1. I met hubby online! (If you follow my other blog you probably knew that already!)
2. I barely ever use any makeup
3. One of my favorite dishes is "Pollo con arroz" (Chicken with rice)
4. I take pictures everywhere I go and even at home I might take pictures of whatever is on TV! (weird! I know!)
5. I love making impersonations (of famous people or friends)
6. I can make my brother laugh even when he is upset or sad, I just need to say "But you know I'll make you laugh" (LOL)
7. When I was 18yrs. old I had a job interview with a man that many people in the Company feared, he asked me: "what's your English percentage? considering Shakespeare as 100%" I answered "well, If we are going to measure our English percentage with Shakespeare then you and I don't speak English at all", he hired me and we are still friends now.

And I am passing this Beautiful Blogger Award to:

1. Morgan from Becoming Homegrown - I love her blog! She is a good friend!
2. Shelle from Mommy Can't Sing - Her kids are so cute! and I love her "Not Me!" Mondays ... very funny!
3. Kathie from Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow - She has a GREAT HEART! she is ... a MOM!
4. Caroline from Salsa Pie - Her girls live a "fairy tale" with their wonderful and creative mom!
5. Tristan from The Transient Pod - She is a funny blogger... and she needs a TV "regulator" right now!

There are many people who comment almost daily here in "The Coffee Shop" "faces" that are familiar to me now! This award I am giving is mainly to people who I haven't seen they've gotten this award or those who don't have the amount of followers they should! So I invite you to go visit them... You will feel more than welcome in any of their blogs! But I appreciate every single person who honors me with their visit! 

You all make my day!!!

Spread the love ;) 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quotes, jokes, interesting facts about coffee... Every Tuesday!

First of all... I want to thank everyone for the "Get well" wishes... I am still sick but I knew I had to post something and make comments on other blogs because "The Coffee Shop" seemed to be a little slow... So, thanks and please be patient if I don't comment back right away...

Now to our funny Tuesday... I hope this becomes a "Tuesday tradition" for everyone! A cup of coffee and some laughter to start the day doesn't sound bad at all right?


I met someone in the elevator who was drinking coffee and complaining about how coffee made him nervous. I said "Why don't you quit drinking coffee?" He said "Because if I didn't have the shakes, I wouldn't get any exercise at all."



Do not forget our "Coffee Friday" I thought I would have many pictures by now.... 

By the way... I just want to share I am SOOOOO Happy! It is finally snowing here!
Here is a pic:

Monday, February 8, 2010

What's cooking?

Hello friends! Sorry I haven't been as consistent with my blog! I am still not feeling very well... But I took the time to stop by and share this funny picture of my girl...

She always wants to help me in the kitchen... but unfortunately she found a way of getting IN the stove...

I am chasing her everywhere she goes... Making sure everything is safe but I guess there are always moments... like this...


As you can see she wasn't very happy when I asked her to get out of there!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jitterbeans, camera and a giveaway!

I am still sick here! What a way to start a weekend! earache, sore throat, teary eyes.. ugh! But let's not talk too much about that! I am just glad and thankful I am here! and so happy for yesterday's "Coffee Friday" I loved the picture Marty shared... I just hope there are more pictures for the future! Hopefully more people want to share their "coffee snaps"

So Today I want to talk about "Jitterbeans" ... Have you tried them? I haven't! but I was so surprised when I saw this in a coffee shop:


"Gourmet Chocolate Caffeine" and in the "Jitterbeans site" they describe them as: Jitterbeans™ is gourmet 60% cocoa dark chocolate covered espresso bean with a crunchy candy shell with a big caffeine boost added! Gourmet meets functional. Each box of Jitterbeanscontains the same caffeine in approximately 6 cups of coffee, 7.5 Red Bull® energy drinks, or 11 cans of Mountain Dew®!

I can't even imagine that in a candy! So I would like to know if any of the Coffee Lovers here has tried it... please if you have, let us know how it is! :) This would never replace coffee of course.

And the picture above leads me to the following topic... The camera! My current camera is just.... too beaten up now! I have to take a hundred pictures to get a "relatively decent one" (as you can see in the picture above I am being very generous describing it like that) So, yesterday I ordered a new camera online... And I can't wait to receive it... 


Doesn't it look great??? Trust me... My blog pictures will be much better! so just be a little bit patient.

And about the giveaway... I just want to let you know I found the greatest giveaway ever! I am not kidding you! My friend, "The Muse" is a great writer, she has a blog dedicated for all of her prose, "A Diva's Hammer" and for the "Month of Love" she wants to offer her readers and followers this wonderful prize:

You can't tell me it isn't beautiful! I hope I am the winner! I can already see myself enjoying a cup of coffee in my beautiful chair! If you want to know more about this fabulous giveaway please visit: her blog , if you don't win the prize, trust me... You will still win the great opportunity of being part of a great blog!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our very first COFFEE FRIDAY!!!

If you want to be part of Coffee Friday please click here

Today's picture was sent by Marty
From: Coffee with Marty

He is a coffee lover too and he has a great blog, whenever you visit his blog you will feel there is a special "warmth" there.... like arriving to a very good friend's house! You have go stop by.

Here is his picture for "Coffee Friday" and his comments about it:

Quote on mug: "A morning without coffee is like sleep." Please join me at my site ( and you can even purchase these mugs for yourself if you want. :) P.S. I love coffee. ~ Marty.

Isn't it a beautiful picture? I hope you enjoyed it... and if you did... please stop by Marty's blog and let him know! I know he will appreciate it... and you know what to do to be part of "Coffee Friday" just send your pics to: