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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jitterbeans, camera and a giveaway!

I am still sick here! What a way to start a weekend! earache, sore throat, teary eyes.. ugh! But let's not talk too much about that! I am just glad and thankful I am here! and so happy for yesterday's "Coffee Friday" I loved the picture Marty shared... I just hope there are more pictures for the future! Hopefully more people want to share their "coffee snaps"

So Today I want to talk about "Jitterbeans" ... Have you tried them? I haven't! but I was so surprised when I saw this in a coffee shop:


"Gourmet Chocolate Caffeine" and in the "Jitterbeans site" they describe them as: Jitterbeans™ is gourmet 60% cocoa dark chocolate covered espresso bean with a crunchy candy shell with a big caffeine boost added! Gourmet meets functional. Each box of Jitterbeanscontains the same caffeine in approximately 6 cups of coffee, 7.5 Red Bull® energy drinks, or 11 cans of Mountain Dew®!

I can't even imagine that in a candy! So I would like to know if any of the Coffee Lovers here has tried it... please if you have, let us know how it is! :) This would never replace coffee of course.

And the picture above leads me to the following topic... The camera! My current camera is just.... too beaten up now! I have to take a hundred pictures to get a "relatively decent one" (as you can see in the picture above I am being very generous describing it like that) So, yesterday I ordered a new camera online... And I can't wait to receive it... 


Doesn't it look great??? Trust me... My blog pictures will be much better! so just be a little bit patient.

And about the giveaway... I just want to let you know I found the greatest giveaway ever! I am not kidding you! My friend, "The Muse" is a great writer, she has a blog dedicated for all of her prose, "A Diva's Hammer" and for the "Month of Love" she wants to offer her readers and followers this wonderful prize:

You can't tell me it isn't beautiful! I hope I am the winner! I can already see myself enjoying a cup of coffee in my beautiful chair! If you want to know more about this fabulous giveaway please visit: her blog , if you don't win the prize, trust me... You will still win the great opportunity of being part of a great blog!


Queenie Jeannie said...

I LOVE chocolate covered coffee beans!! They are so yummy but very expensive. Congrats on the new cool camera!

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It made my day - it's great to meet a Sister.

I start almost all my days w/ a cup of coffee!

Herself said...

Sorry you're still not feeling well. Never had those jittery beans, just the regular choc covered ones--delish.

Shelle said...

I'm sorry you are still feeling sick! I hope you are still able to enjoy your weekend!
Can't wait to see pictures from your new camera!

Melissa B. said...

Chocolate-covered coffee beans, huh? If I had a bag of those now, I'd be able to dig out from under the nearly 3 feet of snow we've got here...a record!

Nicole said...

My friend ate a box and he told me it was the reason he completed putting his new floor in last weekend :)

Carrie said...

I've never had jitterbeans but I have had chocolate covered coffee beans. They are sooooo good.
YAY! You get a new camera! Congrats!

* said...

I don't like coffee at all, but I'm sure it tastes good.

Hope you feel better and that the little one doesn't get sick.

April said...

I've heard that camera is really good. Hope you feel better soon!

Kimberly said...

I so have not forgotten. I have just been crazy busy!

Now, every time I get a cup of coffee I think...I have to take a photo of myself to send to you.

I will! I promise!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I've never heard of this brand, but I *love* chocolate coffee beans.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The jitterbeans sound delish!!!

Farmhouse Fixers said...

Good luck with the giveaway friend! Jitterbeans sound good and dangerous all at the same time! Imagine the effects.... Major productivity with a crash!
Get better - That is an order! = )

The Muse said...

Hope to see you at I have some art of mine there on todays post
at I have some lovely flowers with poetry.

just to let you soon as i can get out and looking for coffee photo opportunities!

Anonymous said...

I have tried chocolate covered coffee beans and I didn't like them!!! I'm not sure if it was because of the high caffeine content, but I didn't feel good after eating them.

I'll stick to my coffee... black & liquid.

Get better!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Wow, what a cool camera. I love coffee and chocolate, too.