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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We got our book published! - Suffering Well

Good day friends from "The Coffee Shop" from the start of this blog I knew I would do book reviews, share recipes, talk about family, faith, love, etc... But... I never even knew I would be talking about OUR very own book!

After 2 long years of hard work and sleepless nights hubby got HIS book published... I've just decided to talk about it like its "ours" because I do feel like it's our whole family project, while there's not even one phrase of mine inside that book we've all made this project an important thing in our lives...

I know I haven't kept up with my blog as much as I'd like to ... I have neglected my sharing of delicious, healthy, THM recipes! But I'm trying to juggle so much all at once! My girls are taking most of my time and... I am also tackling a huge translating project (I will share more about that soon) ... I feel like summer is slipping away... but for now I am just so thrilled to share this big news with you and I hope that you get your copy of this book that I can assure you has been prayed over, reviewed, re-reviewed (I could say this about 10 more times) and it's really been a blessing even for me to read!

We'll really appreciate it if you would support us by getting your own copy! We are not in this for the money (if you are a writer you know what I am talking about) but this is a book that I feel will help anyone in moments of trials and pain as it takes a deep look (with a different approach) to the life of Job, his stubborn faith and even the trials of his wife (who usually only gets judgment from most of us)... If you are going through pain or if you want to know how you could encourage someone who is experiencing suffering... This book is for you.

Please take a picture of your book copy and tag us on Facebook Suffering Well FB Page, we will love to stay in touch with you and hear how God is using this book to highlight truths directly from His Word in your life... We also hope we can be an encouragement and will be honored to pray with you if you let us.

You can get your BOOK HERE

Or in Amazon: (Amazon has a mistake in the Hardcover price, they took the number of pages as the cost but it should be updating soon)

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