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Friday, December 4, 2015

The BEST oils for a tight budget and skeptical ME

Hello everybody, first of all let me tell you that when I started this blog, about 7 years ago, I didn't know how much things would change... or how long I would even keep up with a blog (not that I've been keeping up that great lately) but this blog of mine started like an outlet when I first moved from a city in Mexico to a city in Wisconsin, USA... When I married my online boyfriend (on the 7th time we met in person), who loves coffee very much... So the name "The Coffee Shop" was created... I started sharing about life, faith, then pregnancy, motherhood, coffee of course was always present... and even started sharing recipes in my newly found love for baking. In this blog I've shared my marriage, two pregnancies, our move from Wisconsin to Texas, about our church, concerts, sometimes I've even dared share some sort of political rant but I think I do a well job staying away from those, I've shared about my culture, my love for baking with lots of sugar, regular flour, lots of butter and even the oh so gross and oh so great for oh so very flaky pie crusts CRISCO shortening, etc... This blog has also seen me turn into all things healthy, no wheat, no sugar, yes real foods like butter, I've gained weight, lost it and sadly gain some... I've talked thyroid health, gall bladder issues, kids crafts, etc... I've baked beautiful things and had total disasters in my kitchen... homeschooled and keep on homeschooling... And in all this long thing you've never seen me talk about essential oils! What's this hype about essential oils that everyone talks about? Come on! Another FAD! how can oil help anybody's health? I mean... yes... I knew coconut oil was good for you and I embraced all good fats! But ... why would smelling an oil improve anything? A few months ago I read a bit about aromatherapy and I felt like I got the gist of it and it didn't convince me... Then I read you can't ingest oils and I thought everyone who said they were putting drops of oil in their water or baking with it were complete nuts! Don't they know you can't ingest essential oils? Oh! The horrible fate that awaits them for using them internally! They should know better! And I am the one that should've known better...  I continued to see FB friends and relatives praise their oils and I was convinced it had to be some sort of collective brainwashing... Then when I saw the prices of some of the oils I thought for sure they were all trying to convince themselves they worked... why would they want to admit they spent all that money for something that doesn't really work? .. I decided to give oils a try and hubby got me some "great pure therapeutic grade oils" at a local supermarket... I felt awful, the smell itself me me nauseous and I knew I was done with oils... Yet I kept looking at people who were really looking healthier/happier I even saw marvels of "chewing gum" being removed from a carpet with some essential oils and I thought I had to vie the "expensive" oils a try... A wonderful friend from church very patiently explained about her own experience with oils and helped me get started... I'm actually just waiting for my very first batch of oils but I've already been using many samples and my goodness! Have they already made a difference here... I can already say that they have helped with the overall mood in the house (Yes, there's oils for that!) and I even helped some digestion issues my 7 year old has suffered from birth... Am I going to praise my oils? No... But now that I've been reading/learning more I realize it was so easy! the answer was right there! Our Creator made and provided things for us to use in nature... things that will definitely benefit (or hurt) us depending on how they are used... There's powerful stuff in the life of plants, the plants that God created, I had never seen all the references about oils and plants in regards to medicine in the Bible, I mean of course I had "seen them" but never really SEEN them.

About the price: While oils like Young Living are indeed pricey they are in no way expensive... My question would be... just to give a quick example... how much does a dozen of roses cost? how many roses do you need to make 1 ounce of essential oil? don't know? about 60,000 ... sometimes more (it all depends on the process) ... What about the growing of said roses? ensuring they are grown in the most perfectly balanced soil? By people who know how to grow them, free of pesticides, etc... A whole lot of steps and work are involved in this process, to protect the purity of the real good oils (I can only vouch for Young Living )

If you know me you know I'm all IN with the things I am passionate about... After just "Trying" this I am convinced, passionate and sharing with you! Because if you're like me and one day you end up diving into the oils... You'll feel like YOU MISSED OUT for a long time!

Now... You don't have to pay for the full price of oils... You could join as a member/distributor and enjoy 24% off of all of their products, if you enroll to their essential rewards you would then gather points that would go towards free oils, etc... Also Join NOW to take advantage of December promotions.

Trust me... I am in no way in the position of overspending... I enrolled on the Monthly Essential Rewards to receive monthly products from YL so I can get to know the rest of their products and share with you... My monthly order is only 51.00 (saying the word "only" is painful because for us that is not a small amount) but I've made tweaks in our budgets and cut our only 2 times eating out per paycheck so that we can do this... You didn't need to know that... but I am sharing so you know how "ALL-IN" I am in this... I will be trying the oils, doing some experiments and sharing it all with you! Join me in my newly found OILY journey!

Join me in living a healthier life...


The Coffee Shop

(Note: I am not telling you to ingest essential oils... I am telling you to try Young Living and YOU WILL KNOW what you can ingest and what you can't ... If you can't ingest any of your oils... they might not be the best... definitely don't eat them!)

© Paloma K.