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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Date night!... with a toddler!

 Hello dear coffee lovers! How is your weekend going? Mine is going pretty well... playing online and not doing much of anything else... Even moms deserve a lazy Saturday once in a while, don't we? Hubby said he is taking me to my favorite Coffee Shop (my favorite one is this one, where I write and I keep in touch with you ... followers, readers or stop by"ers") but let's say my favorite outside of the virtual world... it's a coffee shop in front of a beautiful lake (Lake Michigan)... I just love the coffee there and its location is perfect for a nice date! This date I am talking about will not be too romantic, because our daughter is coming with us... but it will definitely be fun! What about you? What are you doing this weekend? Share it with us!


Emma said...

Happy SITS Sharefest! That coffee shop on Lake Michigan sounds dreamy. I'll have to settle for a cup of decaf in my living room here in Minneapolis. :-)

* said...

Looks like a nice spot for a date or whatever else. Reminds of my days in Egypt, it was restaurant to cafe, to another cafe etc. Hubby loved coffee, I am proud to say, no more of that.

Today is a lazy day for me. I just sent the kids to buy me something sweet with miney I stole from hubby's pocket.


Unknown said...

Hey chica not much this weekend for us I wish I was going on a date but with 2 little ones it's not much of a date. Plus this cali crazy weather has little man with a runny nose hope he doesnt get sick. enjoy your cafe!

momentsinaneye said...

Hi I am here from SITS.
What a sweet date you had. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Great view of Lake Michigan....I live in Grand Rapids...not far from the beach...Beautiful place to be.

kanishk said...

I'll have to settle for a cup of decaf in my living room here in Minneapolis

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