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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sharing my day with you

I am just so excited today, it's been a great day so far!

I took my 16mo. baby to the pediatrician (for her regular check-up) and she is doing great, height: 97 percentile! I am just so happy and proud for every milestone she's reached! there is nothing better for a mom than knowing her kids are healthy and happy! right now she is taking a nap... and I can't believe she is the same baby I brought home 16 months ago! it's been so fast, so wonderful!

Anyway... I wanted to share with all of you the following picture:

This picture was taken in Mexico when DH and I were dating (he had to go all the way down to Mexico (from Wisconsin) to visit me! that's another long story I will share here one day or even create another blog for it! It is an amazing story! ... That is an OLD (still working) Mud Oven (which by the way, was still very hot when we took the picture), you can make the best bread there, it's very common to see those in a small town where my grandfather (dad's side) was born -in the North of Mexico- and his mom used to bake bread in one of those! I just love being able to see those things and I wish I had one oven like that to bake my bread... I am sure it must give a wonderful, unique flavor to anything you bake! I wanted to share it because I wrote some days ago that I want to learn how to bake the different types of bread my dad bakes... and I haven't forgotten about it.... so just bear with me.


Something else I wanted to share is that another blogger tried my recipe Mexican chocoflan cake and she loved it! I appreciate her comments in my e-mail... here is what she wrote:

"This is one of the best cakes ever!!!!! It is soooo creamy it's like two desserts in one. I made everything homemade and as you can see I got more flan than cake LOL!! But I really love flan. We even top it with fresh whipped cream it was so divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks for your comments Cynthia!

To see her blog click:

Cookin' with Cynthia

I am just so happy when people try the recipes I share and they enjoy them! I will be sharing more recipes soon, including the one for the "Flour tortillas" ... some other friends here have been requesting it!

Thanks to those who follow this blog! Do not forget you can participate too with recipes and pictures.... if you want to do so just send me an e-mail to: ... And please... leave your comment every time you stop by... I try to answer, comment or e-mail those who write here as soon as possible!


Katie said...

Love the oven! I was in the mountains of Morocco over the summer and we got to cook bread in a clay oven like that too. Let me tell you, those women are TOUGH! My heroes! said...

hi :) thanks for stopping by my blog....your blogs are so cute...and I really like your newest one!! Excited to see what there is to come

Unknown said...

I think your name is so pretty. Paloma. I love that! And I LOVE coffee so I am going to definitely have to come to visit you again :). I remember those Dr. Visits. It is so fun to watch them grow isn't it? I am happy for you and your sweet baby! LOVE the picture from your dating years. How fun!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

The restaurant in our building at work has an oven that looks sort of like that. They use it for making pizza.

That's great to get feedback like that from someone liking your recipe that you shared. I feel the same way when I get feedback from someone whose read my book and liked it.

Visiting from SITS.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS! This looks like fun.

Twincerely,Olga said...

stopping by from SITS! Glad your baby girl is so healthy!! Happy New year!!! stop by