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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake - Donate

We all know that not everything is good news in this world... So, even when this is a blog where I want you to feel happy, relaxed and enjoy yourself we cannot close our eyes and ears to what is happening around the world and today specifically to what's happening in Haiti! I do not need to say more, you have probably watched it in the News, heard it on the Radio and read about it online.... I just want to invite all of the wonderful readers of this blog to help, pray and if possible make a donation just click on the link of your choice:

Donate through United Nations Foundation

Donate through American Red Cross

Thanks dear Coffee Lovers!

(For the Starbucks card giveaway just click here: Giveaway )


The Muse said...

Our local churches are helping too...very nice blog post on their behalf.

Katie said...

Thanks for this. I had to take a break from the blog prototype for a day too...just couldn't write about that stuff with all of that going on. Our school is doing a fundraiser tomorrow...thanks for doing your part! :)