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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chicken Tostadas (Tostadas de Pollo)

Hello dear Coffee Lovers! Ready for another easy, delicious and affordable recipe? I hope so... This recipe is Mexican but I do not know why for some reason in Mexico they are called "Siberian style tostadas" anyway, we will not get in the trouble of finding out why right now... what matters is that they are delicious and I know you will love them!

You will need:

Ingredients: (Makes 8 tostadas)
- 4 cooked and shredded chicken thighs or 2 big chicken breasts (boiled in water with some salt)
- 2 hass avocados - the bigger the better- (ripe, not mushy, not green, to know how to pick avocados click here
- 2 red tomatoes (or roma tomatoes) chopped in cubes
- 1/2 tsp. salt
- 1 cup of "Mexican style cream" - crema Mexicana you can find it in your grocery store, ask for it, if you do not find it then use sour cream instead, it will be good but not the same.
- 8  corn tostadas (corn tostadas, you will also find them in your grocery store probably in the hispanic food section and probably in packages of 10 or 12)
- pickled jalapeno peppers (in slices) - optional (but trust me ... it gives a really nice delicious touch!

1. "Puree" the avocados in a container and mix the tomatoes in it once it is all "guacamole texture" add the 1/2 tsp. of salt
2. Spread the mixture of the avocados and tomatoes over the tostadas
3. Add the shredded chicken on top of the tostadas with the mixture.
4. Top each tostada with the "crema Mexicana" (and add more salt to taste if needed)
5. (optional) add 1 or 2 slices of jalapeno peppers per tostada (or finely chop the jalapeno slices and add some on top)



Anonymous said...

This look absolutely awesome... Not a good thing to be so hungry at such a late hour in the night. I just had to stop in and say hi. I saw your blog title and thought, "I love coffee, too!" Upon getting here, I now say, "I love God, too!" We have a lot in common. I'm following your blog via RSS. Have a good day!

Kimberly said...

Looks yummy. I will have to try this, and get back to you.

Herself said...

Hi P!

Thanks so much for your comments! People often go wrong with specific looks in decor by getting too "themey." When that happens, things start to get out of control fast!Maybe that's why you haven't liked "beach decor."

As for your recipe, I'm starving already! Been wondering what to make for din din. Now I know!
Have a blessed day!

The Muse said...

The ice cream or sour supposed to represent the Cold ice mountains of siberia, my friend tells me :)
Guess that would make sense..
But I'm with you...I like the taste :)

Doña Masita said...

Dear Paloma, I am thrilled with your blog. I love that you are so proud of your roots and you like to share it with everyone. Thank you for that.

I leave you a link to my website ( I have a lot of hispanic recipes and I guess you'll love them.

Best regards (I loved the pics of you and your "date(s)").