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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Kings Cake!

In Mexico there is still something to celebrate after New Year's Day, Most Mexican families (and I think most of the Hispanic world) get together on January 6 to remember the day when the Three Wise Men followed the star to Bethlehem and offered their treasured gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the Baby Jesus.

In many cities in Mexico "Santa" is not the one who brings the presents, but "The Three Kings", so early this morning many children received their toys! And as they play and enjoy what their gifts the adults get ready to have a "merienda" (an early evening dinner) where they will have the "ROSCA DE REYES" (Three Kings Cake) and hot chocolate or coffee!

This tradition started a few centuries ago in Europe. People used to present gifts to the "Baby Jesus", the gifts were usually dried fruits, nuts, flour, honey, eggs and things like that, then to have a celebration they would take some of those gifts and baked a sweet roll with the shape of a crown to remember those Kings from the East that adored Baby Jesus. Click here for the recipe

Every rosca has some little plastic dolls (with the shape of a baby), those who find the dolls must give a party on the 2nd of February (Dia de la Candelaria or Candlemass Day) -this is a catholic celebration, Mexico as you know is mostly catholic-, and those who are present when the "rosca" was cut are all invited to the party where they will be offered tamales and Mexican hot chocolate.

So, even when I do not celebrate "Candlemass" I like the "Rosca" so I decided to have it here, so far from my country, to feel a little bit closer to home, I had my piece of rosca with a cup of coffee (of course) and I can still taste Mexico!

... My husband was the one who found the doll, so hopefully we will have tamales on February!


Katie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. That is great advice- and it is Scripture, best of all! Yes, a marriage based on 1 Cor 13 will be strong! Thanks for the reminder! All the best! :)

Carrie said...

Oh Iam so excited that you commented on my blog post and even more excited to read this one. I loved reading this post. I will be following you as well.

Unknown said...

Yummm "Rosca" this year we didn't have any since none of my family was around but the 3 wise kings did come to visit the kids *wink wink* Btw thanks for coming by my blog Y si hablo y escribo un poco de espaƱol :)

The Muse said...

I like it...!
We were in MX some years back and you have brought so many memories to us!

As always I thank you for taking time to share..and for visiting my blog... :)

kitchen koala said...

You're right, this is very similar to King Cake. It's amazing how traditions can cross countries & cultures! Thanks for stopping by :)