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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday Fun!

Hello dear Coffee Lovers! How was your weekend? I know! Tomorrow is Monday! but think about it positively... it's a new beginning, even if you forgot of some of your "year's resolutions" this weekend it's ok... it can all start again tomorrow!

This weekend was really great for me! (and tonight will be great too as I am looking forward to watching 24!)

I hope those "24" followers are as excited as we are, I hope this will be a good season! While you wait for 24 to start go brew some coffee and enjoy some of the posts of your favorite virtual Coffee Shop! We have a variety of topics prepared for you and remember.... the winner for the Starbucks card will be announced tomorrow!

Right now I just want to share some pictures I took last night in the wonderful Buffet hubby and I went to... (which by the way was very nice and classy for a Buffet!). Hubby and I definitely had a blast and enjoyed a great conversation with a couple of friends, good food, great desserts and even better coffee!

Here are the pics...  Enjoy!


* said...

If that steak was halal, I would eat all of it. I'll take dessert though, that cake looks good.

Look like you had an awesome time. where was your daughter?

Unknown said...

yum yum!! the desserts look super yummy. lucky you!