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Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Thanksgiving Menu - Let's begin!

Hello everybody, sorry I didn't post yesterday! It's been hectic here, but I do NOT forget about you! I totally remember I mentioned I would share with you ideas, tips, recipes and my whole Thanksgiving Menu to hopefully inspire you with your own Thanksgiving dinner! It might seem like it's early now but I am getting all geared up for it! Thanksgiving last year was the first time for me to host it ... I prepared everything! I was super nervous in the beginning but I had amazing "online" help from Joshua's aunts (his mom's sisters) Sadly, Joshua's mom is no longer among us... but I know she would be proud of me if she could see how far I've come! You have to remember I am a Mexican and we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico... I had "heard about it" and I had even been to a friend's house who celebrated it across the Border (in Texas), I had also read about the reasons why it is celebrated when I learned how to speak English... in those years I studied about it and loved it all and love it that it's one of the main Holidays in the USA but beyond that I knew nothing about how to put it together...

I had no clue I would one day be married to a "gringo" and live in the USA... I am very blessed to be now part of his family and to be still learning so much from his aunts! Especially Auntie Sally who even shared some of her very special secrets with me (and... due to her trust... those very secrets will remain safe with me... Sorry... I am not in liberty to share!) But don't worry... I will still share awesome and simple recipes that will make your Thanksgiving Dinner a total success!

So... last year... with hubby's aunts help (by e-mail because we moved to Texas and they are all in Wisconsin) I tried to "replicate" their Thanksgiving dinner and keep it as traditional and authentic as if it was them making it... Of course had to adapt some things to our taste and likings (I am sorry... this will sound unforgivable but we don't include sweet potatoes in our Thanksgiving Dinner... we are just not into them!) so today... I will just share the Menu that I used on everybody's places -right on top of their plate- last year!

You will see it's nothing too fancy and hopefully nothing will sound too complicated, I am mostly trying to encourage those who are going to be in charge of hosting their first Thanksgiving and let them know it's ok!!! It's not as hard as it seems... Especially when you just focus on keeping a Thanksgiving attitude and enjoying instead of looking for perfection which might only stress you out!

So... Here is the Menu I used...
Click on the image to enlarge

You can make your own in Word and add some Free Cliparts! Make it your own! For me... This was very meaningful because I was trying to honor Hubby's Aunts... that's why the clipart is about those 3 ladies bringing dinner to our very table!

What do you think? Do you like the idea? Everybody here loved it! Hopefully it will inspire you to make your very own and have everybody drooling over "what's to come"

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BTW... I am linking this up to The Sits Girls for their "Fall Back into Blogging" Challenge... I think of this as a "craft" ... kind of... right? So... there it is!

© Paloma K.

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