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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get free glasses with Firmoo! - Review

Hello everybody, as I type, hubby is finishing with his packing... I just did mine... it's Friday night and we are leaving tomorrow, we'll have about 1 week of vacation! YAY! So by the time you are reading this I hope I'll be spending some great time with my family! Anyway.... I said it's Friday and after a great Coffee Friday Check it out here I thought I would start writing my review about the Firmoo glasses I received last week. It turns out that Firmoo contacted me to know if I'd be interested in reviewing either their prescription glasses or sunglasses and I chose the first! I am always on the look for good glasses, I've had to use prescription since I was 18 so I've had my share of frames and lenses... and I know that most times to get "good ones" you do have to go on the higher price range... So I must admit I was very skeptic about Firmoo... Online glasses? How in the world am I going to know if I really like the frame? If it fits? if it goes well with my face shape? or... are they even going to be accurate with the prescription? Then I went to their site and I did like the frames I saw but the prices, being so low made me actually doubt them even more! But I still accepted the challenge! So let me talk a little more about the whole experience, from the online choosing to finally get to wear them:

1. Online selection: Firmoo has over 300 designs to choose from and they have an amazing feature where you can upload a picture of yours and have a "Virtual Try-On" that is actually fun to use! I tried ALL of their available frames! it makes it so easy to actually know how something looks on you and the cool thing is that since you are "trying" all these glasses in the privacy of your home and own computer, you actually dare to try all kinds of frames that you probably wouldn't try in the optometrist's office and it might be that you find that they actually look great on you!

2. Ordering: It is really simple! You just need to get the information from your optometrist. I didn't even know what I was asking about, but Firmoo has all the questions you need to ask about your prescription and once you get that info, by phone, from your doctor, you are good to go! You just "fill in the blanks" with your and you are set! Simple and detailed! You will also need a measuring tape to measure the distance between your eyes and stuff like that but it's very simple!

3. Receiving your glasses: I actually was informed during the whole process, the customer service department gave me a tracking number so I could track my package via UPS. I submitted my application on August 28th, was informed by their Customer Service that the glasses were shipped on Sept. 4th. and my glasses were in my hands on Sept. 8th. They were very nicely packaged!

This is what I received:

I also received a special screw driver (like a key chain) and an extra pair of arms (those that hold on to the nose) and screws with it. I just didn't include it in the picture, but it's all very nice!
Then it was time to try my glasses on...

I can see perfect with them, I was very surprised... And I've gotten nice comments from people who've noticed I am wearing new glasses. I ordered Model: #BC81150 and if I could just make one negative observation is that such model appears to have some pink transparent plastic in the "designed openings" on the sides of the glasses, (picture online) and mine were yellow/orangish ... I think I would've liked them better in pink ... but they are still very nice.

So I highly recommend you to not buy anymore super expensive glasses and try FIRMOO

I also have great news! To make more people try Firmoo’s quality products & excellent service, Firmoo has launched a program offering free eyewear for first-time buyers if that is their first purchase at Firmoo .

To know more about this, please check at

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed on the review above is entirely mine. I received the reviewed product (Firmoo Prescription Glasses) for free. I do not give favorable reviews just because the product was for free. I am giving an honest and unbiased opinion. I do not review products that do not align with my personal convictions. I do not accept money for reviewing products.

© Paloma K.

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