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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Fondant Cakes ever for my birthday girl!

Hello friends! I had an amazingly busy couple days... Sorry if you've sent me e-mails or comments and I haven't responded yet... I am sooo behind with everything (blogging wise) but I am very proud to say my oldest girl (now 4) had an amazing Birthday! ... I opened a fb invitation for all my friends in the area who wanted to stop by to have a slice of cake with us (yesterday) and wish her a happy Birthday... well... It was total success! I am so blessed to have found such an amazingly loving church family and friends here! We are overwhelmed with such amount of love and affect we've received! My girl had an amazing day and my cakes turned out really great! I was afraid to work with fondant (ehem... I still am!!) but I wanted to make her cakes extra special! So I made two cakes on Monday (taking advantage hubby was off from work) and the hard part... the fondant... in the end was totally worth it! A friend even commented it was better than "The Cake Boss" cake and fondant she had in his bakery! So... wow! I'd say I did pretty good! and my girl loved the fact that her mommy made her pretty cakes!  We had people start showing up a little before 10 a.m. and the last person left after 7 p.m.! we had snacks, cake, coffee, great conversation, so much fun, even some rice and salad for some (lunch time) and a great time in the pool in the evening with those that were here after 5 p.m.!

Before I share the pictures I just want to remind you we have our Coffee Friday! And we will have a special featured blogger that... if your mom ever told you to not lick the plate where you eat... well... she'll have to forgive you because you'll lick the bowl with her recipes!

So... tune in! Don't forget to add some coffee to link up with us! I try to tweet and pin all those links who join on Friday! Plus I choose a post or two to feature each week (which I will do tomorrow with those who linked on Friday) ...

Now... My birthday's girl and my first cakes ever using fondant!


Happy girl!

First round! Singing Happy Birthday!

Many friends!

Just with mommy!

Second round! Evening cake! Blowing candles again!

Happy Friends!

Let's swim!
So... you can see it was great... I will now just leave you with my "Coffee Friday Party" Button ... grab it to link back with us and spread the word!

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