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Friday, September 7, 2012

Coffee Friday that is Lick the Bowl Good!

Hello everybody! Welcome to another edition of our Coffee Friday Party! I am so happy and excited for you being here! Having a cup of coffee with us! Choosing "The Coffee Shop" as a place to stop by, enjoy and make friends! Thank you! I hope you added some coffee on any of your posts this week so you can also link up at the end of our post! Now, let's talk about our featured blogger a little bit:

In Mexico, we have an expression that goes "Estamos de manteles largos" which the translation would be like "we are using our finest tablecloth" and it means that we are in great company and we have a very special guest today to share a cup of coffee with us and while having coffee she is also sharing a bit about herself and her family... I must admit I haven't really talked to Monica as much as I'd like to, there are many bloggers I really want to get to talk to more but -sigh- life, interruptions, commitments, etc... just keep getting in the way of me communicating more and commenting more... But I think I know her blog all the way through! I've been known to stare at the monitor just mesmerized by her food, it always looks so good! By her recipes and by her beautiful little boy! I've laughed and cried with her posts, she has such a big heart and she is someone you really wish you could talk to in person (while having some dessert that she of course made!) When I read her blog I feel like I am right there in her kitchen (I so wish I could! and hold cute Hayden too or see him play with my littlest girl!) I encourage you to stop by her Lick The Bowl Good Blog (it certainly is that good!) and thank her for sharing with us today! Hopefully you'll get to love her, her family and her blog as much as I do... Here she is:

Me (Monica) and my 1 year old son, Hayden
Hi, I'm Monica from Lick The Bowl Good! I am honored that Paloma asked me to be a guest blogger for Coffee Fridays because I love her and I love coffee! I've been blogging for about 5 years now and have photographed and baked hundreds of recipes on my blog, some of them flops but many of them are winners and have become staples in my household. Many of my favorites include anything with chocolate, cream cheese, cinnamon and coffee. And strawberries, and blueberries and lemon and butter. Heck I love it all! 
This is my mom's coffee mug. It's one of my favorites because it reminds of her when I was a kid. She's had it for a couple decades and while it has a couple nicks and stains on it, it still holds so many memories for me and is my mug of choice when I enjoy coffee at her house. So today as I pour myself a strong cuppa (with raw sugar and half and half) I hope you'll be inspired to get in the kitchen and bake up a special coffee infused treat for your loved ones. Thanks for inviting me to have coffee with you Paloma!

I am sure her post has inspired you to start baking or at least to go through her recipes! They are all so inviting and so yummy! I've made a few myself and they are all trustworthy ... you never have to guess if "they really work" oh they do!

Thank you Monica for accepting my invitation to be our Featured Blogger today!

© Paloma K.

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