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Monday, September 3, 2012

Build your own Caillou Rocketship

So my oldest (she'll be 4 tomorrow) asked daddy to build her a "Caillou Rocketship" ... that was on Thursday so daddy sat and watched Caillou with her to know what she was talking about... well... he promised her he would get the "ingredients" LOL! (used to talking about recipes) ok... so the materials to build it and they both got to the task yesterday! and now I am going to share with you the "step by step" with pictures from Caillou and the great results!

You'll need:
1 big cardboard box (like those where disposable cups come in)
Scissors or a blade to thick cardboard
Masking Tape
Paint/markers/crayons or stickers to decorate

Cut an opening on the top (middle) of the box for the kids to get in

It will look like this

Cut on the side and towards the bottom to make a door
(You will use the top lids to make the front of the ship)

With some of the leftover cardboard pieces make the "tail fin" and wings

Make some cuts for the fins/wings to go in

Hubby secured them inside with other pieces of carboard and tape

Let your kids have fun decorating with anything they want

Now it just needs all the creativity to make it extra spacial, I mean special!

As you can see the top lids are used to make the triangle in the front

Your cat might want to play too!

Have fun!

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Unknown said...

So cute!!! Happy SITS day!!!