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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some pictures of our Vacation!

Thank you all for being so patient with me this week that even when I've made an effort to have a post each day for all of you... I haven't been able to comment or reply much... As you know, hubby's had a week off of work and we took the opportunity to visit some of our friends and my side of the family, we had to cut our trip a bit short because the girls and I got sick but even being here we've had some very nice days in town....

 Here are some pictures:

Family time! Josh is at the end, my sister and mom are right by him and then... well... everyone else!

My littlest one with "Abuelito" (grandpa')

My husband and our girls (South Padre Island)

My brother serenading his niece

With my parents

We got to see this more than once on the road, it's an airplane wing, it was huge!

Hubby! - We are back in town, at a restaurant.

I guess her cup gives it away

It's been great, because we haven't "pushed" anything, we were planning on visiting San Antonio, Tx. but with the girls sick we thought it was better not to, and it was the right choice, we have just been relaxing and having a great family time. :) Thank you for being here ... as my days go back to normal I'll be commenting/replying to everyone!

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