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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday, right? at least joyous!

Hello friends! Ready for another Happy Monday? I know life gives us lemons and we can't always make lemonade with them but at least let's not rub those lemons on our eyes! I read something like that in a book once and it's so true... Yes... many times we have bad moments in life... and it's not easy to be laughing all the time... but hey! do we have to keep pondering and dwelling over the bad things that happen? Sometimes we rub those lemons and squeeze their juice into our wounds! Trust me... it's not that easy for me to wish you a Happy Monday right now... I've been dealing with some sad thoughts lately (yes... me... the happy girl! LOL!) I heard the news (totally by mistake) the other day... and they said horrible stuff that left me pretty shaken... I am still sooo disturbed inside of me... but I know I need to either do something about it and move on or just keep those sad thought and stay passive to all this pain... what am I going to do? I still don't know... I know I need to share the Good News of Salvation even more... I haven't been doing that... I need to spend more time praying and reading the Word of God... and at the same time I need to take some action... where to start? With two little ones I feel like my time is pretty consumed... maybe blogging about stuff? hopefully reaching others somehow... I don't know! I am shaken... wondering! and thinking even about adoption.. but is all this pain ever going to end? I have nightmares and fears and I wish I could protect not only my girls more but all children in the world... even from their own parents... ok... I am ranting now... you can probably deduct the news I heard involved children... and abuse... and it sickens me... ok... not a very happy Monday post I guess... what can we do? What can you do? -sigh- Let's try to live better, raise our children better, to care for others, to love one another, to stand for what's right, to not look the other way... to live for God...

Ok ... I know we can't be happy/giggly all the time... we live in a sad world ... people suffering all around us and it would be dumb to just be laughing 24/7 like we don't care... but we can still have joy... in the midst of it... choose to teach our kids better and to enjoy the time we have with them and/or with those we love, choose to have joy because we trust in the One that doesn't change... no matter how crazy this world gets... anyway... sorry for ranting here...I probably didn't make much sense... Thank you for reading!

Psalm 33:20 
Our soul waits for the Lord;
    he is our help and our shield.
21 For our heart is glad in him,
    because we trust in his holy name.
22 Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
    even as we hope in you.

© Paloma K.

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