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Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Friday - Things Happen!

 Hello fellow bloggers, moms, friends, readers in general! I hope you came with your hot cup of coffee, tea or whatever you enjoy drinking the most! Just sit back and relax, enjoy today's post!

We would've had such a nice featured blogger today! I was actually very excited when Jen, from Making Our Life Matter, decided to join us in our Coffee Friday Party Tradition! Her blog is one of those that make you feel like "someone gets it" you know? like someone gets what's really important in life... family, friendship, family again! She just blogs about what she cares most about and does it with humor and passion! She is the happy wife of a sports lover and mommy to two happy boys! And guess what: She is a Barista at a Local Cafe where she lives! But... and yes, there's a BUT... she had some "technical difficulties" with her computer, passwords and stuff like that and is taking some time for her to recover all her info... I was going to post about something else to cover the "absence" of a featured blogger but then I thought it would still be nice to mention Jen, especially now that she is busy with all the computer stuff, so if you can just go stop by her blog, and show her your support, hopefully we'll have her and her delicious coffee pictures in October or November.

Of course... regardless of not having a guest blogger today... I still have some coffee for you... and this time is cold! ....

During my visit to South Padre Island this week we stopped at a Dairy Queen and I wanted to show you all that I was actually thinking about you! so... I got some Frozen blended coffee drinks for us today!

I hope you enjoyed Today's Coffee Friday! Make sure you stop by Jen's blog: Making Our Life Matter and you and show her your support as she tries to get her data back!! I am sure it will make her day! You know how tragic those things can be for a blogger!

Jen!! Don't worry about not being able to share some coffee with us today... I am sure you'll be able to share some with us in the future. I love your blog and I hope many others will get to know about it through this post and enjoy it as much as I do!

© Paloma K.

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