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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chosen Posts from Friday!

Happy Wednesday Everybody! It's going to be a busy day here... I stayed a little late last night to get some comments and replies back to those who stopped by "The Coffee Shop" (I am not even close to finishing!) and woke up early today to write my post because I won't be able to do it later... it's going to be a crazy busy day... but I am happy... being busy is good! At least for me... and especially when I am trying to lose more weight and being "idle" can be DANGEROUS!

So... Today I am posting some of the best posts that linked up on our Coffee Friday Party! Don't forget to add some coffee to any of your posts of the week and link back to us that way you'll be able to Join the Party as well and have the opportunity to be featured during the week here at The Coffee Shop!

So... We had a great Coffee Friday Party with my friend Monica from Lick the Bowl Good she did an amazing job preparing a list of recipes from her blog to share here with us! check out the post  here

And we had great posts linking up with us... Here are two that really got my attention:

Soaking in the Sunshine by Michelle from Normal Chaos


 September National Food/Drink Days by Bibi from Bibi's Culinary Journey

She gives us a calendar of Food/Drink Days in the month of September... it's yummy!

So...  don't wait any longer! Just mention "coffee" on any of your posts of the week and link back to us to join! you don't even need to love coffee.. everyone's welcome to our party and to this blog! to mention coffee you can even share "why you don't like it" LOL! By the way... I'll have a "special edition" of our Coffee Friday soon for those who don't like coffee... Coffee Friday for Non-coffee drinkers? yes... we don't want to leave anybody out!

This Friday we'll have a very special guest! So you won't want to miss it! You can use our Button or just the our link to link back to us!

Invite your friends for a cup of coffee over here! The more the merrier!

The Coffee Shop


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