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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Having an absolute blast and... RICE!

So... my friends  from Mexico are here, they have been living in Tx. for a while now but they live 6 hours away from us, so we don't see them often at all! We are having a lot of fun together! Isn't it great how good friends stay close regardless of distance and time, and it's like we just left a conversation on "hold" and we just continue right where we left off!? IT's awesome! I feel 16 again! ;)

Unfortunately someone had to take the picture so hubby doesn't appear! It was funny that my oldest daughter was dressed in yellow like my friends' boys

So... we've been enjoying a lot, when they first arrived I made 2 roasted chickens and rice... they loved the chicken but they couldn't stop raving over my rice... so I thought I would share one of my rice recipes with you... from my YouTube channel:

We'll be traveling to San Antonio, Tx. today so I'll post more when we come back! Hugs! © Paloma King

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SharleneT said...

OMG, Paloma, we cook our rice almost the same way. I just finish mine in the solar oven... In fact, just got some garden-fresh beans this morning and will make it for dinner! Great recipes. Thanks for sharing.