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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watering my brain after a long drought

So... this past week my husband wasn't home... He had to travel because of his job, I didn't share about that with pretty much anybody (especially online) just because I thought it was safer that way... plus, I was a little sad from him being gone... He left on Sunday and came back last night! So I am just thankful with God he is back and his trip went good!

Thank you all in the blog for being here, even without knowing I was going through a little rough patch. I know it might sound "exaggerated" but I had never had to be without my hubby for so long ... many of you have husbands that have to work away from home or are in the other side of the world in places that are not the ideal... and I just have so much respect for you... I am sorry if my "rough patch" sounds silly to any of you... I am just thankful he's back! :)

So this week, while he was gone I decided to read the 2nd. book of the Hunger Games Trilogy "Catching Fire" I must confess I haven't read a book as a book should be read, with all focus and attention, from cover to cover for a long time now, I used to be an avid reader when I was a little girl and during my teenage years, I would read even very grown up (sometimes hiding from my mom) books like Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, The Gambler and Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, Hamlet (we all know who wrote that one!), among others like that, besides the very traditional  Anne Frank Diary, Little Women and Wuthering Heights ...these are some of the titles I have on my mind right now... Many other books by Edgar Allan Poe, Beautiful poems by Spanish speaking authors like Neruda, Leon Felipe, Gabriela Mistral, Juana de Ibarborou,  ... etc... well... I was a girl that devoured books, even encyclopedias! And then... it happened! I think there were some events in my life that kept me from doing things I loved... like singing/reading... I lived a nightmare for a while and even when I woke up from it to a wonderful life I was still numb to do some of the things I loved so much... I couldn't focus to read even ONE ENTIRE page of anything! My mind became so random! I would be actually sad and embarrassed to not be able to say that "I read this or that", even the Bible seemed impossible to read! I would! of course! And I got involved with Bible Studies just to MAKE myself read it! but I would only be able to read "so much" ... I tried reading other books... without success... I needed something "simple" and "entertaining" I guess.... before tackling a BIG BOOK... weird! ...  Then, I watched the Movie "The Hunger Games" when it premiered and it was very entertaining ... So I decided I would tackle the books, I know they are meant to be for younger people, who knows... I just bought the second one... And it was what I needed! The book is definitely not the greatest literary piece you'll ever find... but it was ENTERTAINING and very easy to read... I finished the book really fast... I hadn't been able to do that in a long time! I am looking forward to buying the 3rd. one! ... If you have any book recommendations for someone that wants to go back to reading... Please... share with me! My brain, my soul and I will thank you!

© Paloma K

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