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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Reminder and How to Freeze Cherries

 Hello everybody! Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my previous post! You are all spoiling me! I am getting used to comments! They are actually quite addictive! I love reading and responding them! So nice!

Now... a quick reminder... Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! And we have our "Coffee Party" here at the Coffee Shop... we call it "Coffee Friday" and to be part of it you just need to:

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So... don't wait any longer and start taking your pictures and mentioning coffee for tomorrow's post so you can join this "Coffee Party".

------ ok... that reminder took a lot longer than I thought... now our "How To" ----

So... got a lot of fresh cherries and you're done eating them "for now"? Are you afraid they might go bad? They are very delicate so yes, they might go bad quickly... but don't lose their delicious flavor now that they are in season and keep it longer by freezing them properly.... Here is How to do it:

1. Start with ripe fresh cherries, wash them, drain them and place them on a paper towel, while you gently pat dry them as well.

2.  Pit the cherries over a baking sheet to catch all the juices that might be released while pitting. If you don't have a cherry pitter then I guess this is a guide on "how to pit cherries" as well. If you want to keep your cherries whole you just need to:

  • Remove the stem
  • Insert a toothpick or even a paring knife where the stem used to be until you can touch the pit.
  • Bend the utensil that you are using (toothpick or paring knife) -I use the paring knife- and twist around the pit until you loosen it and then you just press the cherry (almost squeezing) the pit out. 
What I prefer to do is just remove the stem and then cut all the way around the pit with a paring knife, pulling cherry in half, and removing the pit (it's pretty easy, actually)

3. Arrange the pitted cherries on the baking sheet you've been working on (I actually used a 9x13" pan)  on a single layer, making sure there are no cherries on top of each other and place them in the freezer (on the baking sheet) for at least two hours or overnight.

4. Once the cherries are completely frozen transfer them to a "freezing sealable bag" (try to get as much air as possible out of the bag) and place them back in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

Now just enjoy them in smoothies, shakes, cakes, cobblers, pies or just pop them frozen in your mouth! They are delicious!
© Paloma K.


Amy said...

I'm the only one in my family that loves fresh cherries (I can you not love cherries!) so I usually buy my one bag a year, eat them all myself, and then wait til next year... (same thing with Concord grapes! I buy my one bag, eat them all, and wait til next

Stef Arochi said...

I love the idea of Coffee Friday! :) & this post reminded me of the Cherry "ice cream" tutorial that I have been meaning to put up! :)

Paloma said...

Hi Amy! I love fresh cherries but hate them wholeheartedly when they are preserved, canned or in any other form. Interesting! :) so... did you finish your bag this year already?

Hi Stef! Yes... you owe us that tutorial ;) ... and you should send me some coffee pics ;)

Amy said...

haha...last week! I had a 45 minute cherry binge! Although, they were really really maybe another bag is in my future... :-D

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies. Here at my house my boys go crazy with cherries they love em. They love anything that ends with berries lol. Soon I'll be posting my cherry empanada recipe so make sure to check it out. Oh Paloma I already have my picture and story ready for tomorrow. I mention you on my blog hope that is ok with you.

Paloma said...

That sounds great Wendy! I am excited about tomorrow! You can even send me coffee pictures and that way I will be blogging about you :) So other people stop by your blog from here! :) so... if you are interested just send me your pics! Those empanadas sound great! I will check it out! YUM! I love empanadas!

Paloma said...

Amy: You are so funny! LOL!

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I live in the middle of cherry orchard and they are just getting excited! I always freeze them whole after pitting them with cherry pitter, but I love your idea to cut them in half.

Stef Arochi said...

Thanks for the guide! Just did this right now :)