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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A heartbreaking experience...

-sigh- I don't like talking about bad things, especially here... I want my blog to be a place where we can all sit back and relax, just enjoy a good moment away from the hectic life outside! But today... I just can't help it... I have to share about something that just broke my heart!

So... earlier today I went to a Subway close to our house just to get some nice lunch with my girls... I was sitting there and there was this woman at another table with a beautiful 2 yr. old, or so I think! She looked like 2 and a half... you know? younger than 3 but a little older than 2, anyway... this girl was gorgeous, in the way only kids can be... big, innocent eyes and hands reaching for a mommy embrace ... The girl wasn't really misbehaving or acting horrible... she just seemed to be needing attention... she didn't look very clean either... and she seemed to be trying to say something to her "mommy" ... then... for some reason... the "woman" turns around and looks at me (I don't even know why!) and with a very unpleasant voice she says: "ugh! Sorry! This girl is not mine! SHE IS NOT MINE! I am just the step-mom, it was her mom who made her such a bad girl" ... and you could see her little girl look at her really attentive and confused... I was shocked, upset, paralyzed and almost couldn't believe I was hearing those horrible things come out of that woman's mouth and in front of that sweet girl! I couldn't say anything for a few seconds and then, almost in tears I said: "Please just don't say that"... The woman turned around, grabbed the girl who was still reaching towards her and left! I ... I am still wondering how that girl is doing... and I feel bad that so many children have to suffer from lack of love or the selfishness of parents who make bad choices... I don't know what to even say... I am not in that situation and I can only praise God... I hugged and kissed my girls and I can only pray for that little one... I know I probably don't need to say this... but if you've been blessed with a kid... whether you are the biological parent or not... please... care for that life! love such a gift! be compassionate and affectionate... they are just little ones who need our love and they look up to us... many children are abandoned even with their moms AT HOME! And that's just not right...

--- enough --- 

I said I would post a Red Rice Recipe and I will but right now I had to post about this... I am sorry... I promise I will tomorrow.

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