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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Increase the Traffic to your blog with Gevalia

Ok... first of all... even if you are not interested on the opportunity below... leave a comment just to say hi! :) I love it when friends stop by and let me know they are here!

Ok friends, here is the deal... it turns out that I am friends with a very cool friend (Liz) who happens to work with the Gevalia Team! Gevalia? What's Gevalia? I'll pretend you never asked that question! LOL! Gevalia is a Coffee Brand and they have an official FB page... check it out: Gevalia FB Page with over 220,000 followers! They have this cool feature each Thursday called "The Beanchat" where they have someone host their chat for 1 hour (from 9 a.m. Central to 10 a.m. Central) and talk about everything an anything -, So...  my friend gives me the opportunity to get great bloggers for her to host it :) ... and if you blog and if you like "The Coffee Shop" that already makes you AN AMAZING BLOGGER with such great taste! LOL! ...

Anyway... the cool thing about this, is that Gevalia makes an official announcement from their FB page about who will be hosting their chat and their followers are invited to that person's BLOG! -they also tweet about it- ... what a cool feature! Don't you think?

If you'd like to be considered for a future Beanchat ... let me know here! or send me an e-mail to with your e-mail address so I can have my friend contact you ASAP and get you on their Beanchat Schedule! :) it's really easy ...  you will even get to choose the topics, which of course have to be rated PG and stay away from religion/politics - it's a very friendly chat- and you can also have the guests (everyone who is chatting) know more about your blog and post about 2 links to your blog posts throughout the chat.

Their chat is very dynamic and fast paced, you don't have to do anything extraordinary or moderate anything, Gevalia does that... you just have to keep everyone engaged in the conversation, greet them when they come in and say bye when they leave... that's all.

And I think Gevalia also sends you some free coffee to "thank you" for participating.

So... don't wait any longer... and drink some coffee with all the Gevalia lovers out there. it's just 1 hour of your life.... and you get people to check your blog out. ... Also... INVITE YOUR BLOGGING FRIENDS to this post... they could be interested too ;)

By the way... Gevalia does NOT PAY ME ANYTHING for doing this and I don't receive ANY KIND OF COMPENSATION for helping them... I just like to help my friend from Gevalia and my blogger friends (YOU) by getting them to participate on this.

© Paloma K.

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