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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Was it just me?

Well.. first of all let me remind you that tomorrow we have our Coffee Party "Coffee Friday" if you want to join just somehow mention "coffee" on your post (it doesn't have to be the main topic) and then come back to link with us! -remember to link back to us within the post- We will also have a featured blogger, a dear friend of mine who already sent me her coffee pictures to share with all of us... so she will be serving coffee and I think that she will even have a freebie for those who visit her from here! ;) Very cool! Right?

Anyway... Now to my topic... The Hunger Games... I just finished the 3rd. book and I am ... unsure of the way I feel about the whole thing... mmmm I guess I always expect the main character of the story (especially if portrayed as some kind of hero/heroin) to have this sense of justice... fighting for something above and beyond them... but that's not what you will find when you read this novel. I kept trying to find values... in some way... and even when you do find love... it's all a little (or a lot?) twisted? I don't know... I know it's probably not about values and I was maybe confused and thought it would be one of those stories where truth, justice, honor, love, faith, loyalty and those wonderful things prevail... and I found vengeance, selfishness, lies, anger, lack of forgiveness, etc... all from those that were the center of the story. Yes, there were glimpses of those values and principles that I mentioned but they were like "sparks" not really the "general feeling" throughout the books.

Am I crazy? I just feel like you it's hard to completely distinguish the bad ones from the good ones in movies, books and tv shows...  is it just me who felt like this?  I didn't even feel like the violence in the book was justified for the sake of the story and the moral behind it... and interestingly I am not saying that I didn't enjoy the books... I couldn't stop reading! ... so... huh! ... I have mixed feelings about it.

***WARNING: The comments may contain some spoilers... if you haven't read the books, be warned you might read stuff that gives too much away from the books ***

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