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Friday, June 29, 2012

Coffee Friday with Tara!

Happy Coffee Friday Everyone! Welcome to your weekly Coffee Party!

If you mentioned "coffee" anywhere in ANY blog post of your week -even if coffee is not the main topic- just LINK UP with us at the end of this post! (make sure you link back to THE COFFEE SHOP somewhere on the post you are going to use for this party).

Today... Our Coffee Party Hostess is: Tara Denny from "Nowhere to Go but Crazy" she is a fellow blogger and a coffee lover! So make sure you stop by her blog to thank her for "serving coffee" for all of us today here at The Coffee Shop! (she has a freebie for us, coffee lovers, there too!)

This is what Tara said: "My blog is  and until recently it's been all about my photography, but lately I've been trying to spice it up a little with DIY, Geeky Fridays, OMG CUTE and other stuff that interests me. I figure, it's my blog, why should it only be about one thing, it can be about whatever I like? Right?"

And now... her Coffee:

"This one I call coffee for two. It's from my obsession with red and teal, and It makes me think of having coffee with my Best friend DM Crockett in the early hours of the morning, because we've been up all night talking." - Tara
Coffee for two

This one is "Love Unconditionally" Which for me, is Coffee, but it was from Valentine's Day. I meant it sort of like "Share your thoughts over coffee, agree to disagree and love unconditionally" - Tara
Love Unconditionally
 Thanks for sharing some "coffee" and a little bit about yourself and your blog with us today Tara! I loved your pictures!

Would you like to be featured on our "Coffee Friday"? Don't think too much about it... just snap a shot of that coffee you're drinking right now... and send it to: , share a little bit about yourself, your blog, your love for coffee and about the pictures you take. I'll contact you back to let you know when your pictures will appear here!

And now... it's your turn... if you mentioned coffee on a post and posted a link back to "The Coffee Shop" in it... (or our Coffee Party Button)

The Coffee Shop
Just link it up:

Whether you have coffee pictures or not, blogged about coffee or not... You are welcome to comment! Comments are like the sugar and cream to our coffee! 

© Paloma K

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