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Friday, June 15, 2012

Coffee Friday - Coffee for Dad

Today is Friday so as every Friday and trying to re-take my old tradition of Coffee Friday I am posting a "Coffee Related Picture" here... But... it shouldn't be MY pictures posted here! It could be YOUR PICTURE and your blog being featured!

If you'd like to participate and be featured just read the Coffee Friday Page and get started! It's super easy!

So here is today's picture....

Big, Strong Coffee? Great for Father's Day!

I am also going to make it a Link Party! So if you have any post that is "Coffee Related" this week (you just have to mention that you like coffee or went to a Coffee Shop or had coffee with friends, stuff like that) Link it up! And visit the links of the list! let's get this party started! I'll be doing this every week! Just make sure you link back to us on your post.

You can use this button for our Coffee Friday Feature:

The Coffee Shop
So... what are you waiting? Link up!

© Paloma King

4 comments: said...

Hey Paloma, I'm back! Have submitted my link, apart from the fact that I left out an e in the coffee, it's all good! Thanks for this and have signed up for your posts too!

Paloma said...

That's so cool! You joined our party! And with your coffee cake! YUM! Now we have coffee to drink and coffee to eat! .... I hope I'll see you here every Friday! Hopefully many more will join!

LinsFood said...

I've put a link to you on my post! Finally! Hopefully, cu next Friday. Have a great weekend! xx

Paloma said...

Oh! You didn't need to worry about it :) Sooo looking forward to seeing you next week!