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Friday, June 8, 2012

Coffee with You!

Good Friday Everyone!!

If you have been part of "The Coffee Shop" for a while (or at least used to visit before my "blogging break") then you know about the Coffee Friday feature. I hope I can re-take that tradition soon! But for that I need your participation and your Coffee Pictures! :) If you visit my Coffee Friday Page you will see that all you need to do is to send me a "Coffee Related Picture" (it can be more than one) and when I say "coffee related" I mean... anything "coffee" like pictures of coffee stains, coffee mugs, coffee shops, coffee beans, coffee makers, roasters, a drop of coffee, the design in your latte, etc... you get the idea! and you will be featured here on our "Coffee Friday" and you will be the host who will serve coffee to all the coffee lovers that stop by that day!

Of course that means you can talk about yourself, about your blog and why you like coffee, and even if you don't love coffee then share a little bit about "the picture" you took...

If you would like more information (and you didn't find an answer to your questions on my CF page) then just send me an e-mail to or write a comment here. I hope I can have many of you participate soon and we can get this going again! Hopefully we can soon make it a "Link Up Party" where all Coffee Lovers post a picture on their blogs about "coffee" and link up with us here! :) What do you think?

Cup of coffee anyone? It's on me today!

Cream and Sugar?


© Paloma K.


Dawn said...

What a fun idea!! I'll have to send you a coffee picture. I love the cup of coffee at the top of your blog.

Paloma said...

Thanks Dawn! I'll be so happy to see your coffee pics! ;) Please do send them! :)