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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why I am not as active and Tuesday of Quotes!

Hello friends! First of all I just want to apologize for not commenting on my usual blogs and responding to all comments on YOUR blogs lately as I always try to do... I am just very busy, we have family from Mexico who came to spend a few days of vacations and we are very happy to have them here... but obviously I can't blog as much as I usually would... so... please just be patient with me... keep coming to "The Coffee Shop" ... trust me.. I'll get back to you!

and now... our usual tradition of "quotes" on Tuesdays... Today is going to be all about sports... since we are in this "Olympics Spirit" right?

This is the "sportiest picture" I could find in my files!

"Love is playing every game as if it's your last." - Michael Jordan

- o - o - o -

Have a great Tuesday!!!

© Paloma K.

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