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Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet an artist! Fill your life with color!

Happy Monday Everybody! I usually have to start each week with a good attitude and a very upbeat post! Hopefully spreading the good mood to others and trying to fight the "I hate Mondays" mood that unfortunately goes viral week by week! So ... I thought of a great (and very colorful) way to start our week... and that is by talking to you about someone I really love... a person that I've only known for a brief period of time but I've come to admire deeply.... My very dear friend Adele Bower. She is a kind person, courageous and loving, passionate and with strong faith and with a very young heart!

Meet Mrs. Adele!

When I first met her, she was leading a Ladies Bible Study Group, I was instantly drawn to her! and I remember thinking "I hope people can feel like that around me one day" ... She is a great teacher of The Word and not only through her words but with her actions and with the love that just shines through her! I am very thankful for her friendship!

Well... she is also a very talented artist... (isn't it amazing? Some people just get it all! LOL!)  and I just love her art! It's so colorful and... well... why would I even try to describe it? I would just be short of words... let me share some of her artwork with you:

Santa Fe Girl - By Adele Bower (of course)

Gardenias - Adele Bower
Cat Nap

If you love her art... You can even make it yours... (I am sure you would love it! Wouldn't you?) You just have to visit her page HERE and you can get Prints and Greeting Cards with her colorful and unique creations!

I am sure my friend Adele will be surprised with this post (I am just letting her know I want to blog about her and asking her for permission to use some of her pictures here) so trust me ... I am not making any money inviting you there... I just want others to enjoy what she has to offer... she makes our world more beautiful!

You can also find her on facebook: The Art of Adele Bower. If you like her... let her know I sent you ;) ... Trust me you will love her ! :)

Have a great week!!!

© Paloma K.

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