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Saturday, July 28, 2012

End of Summer Day Camp

 Hello everybody! Thank you for joining us once again here at The Coffee Shop! If this is your first time here I invite you to find out why we are "The Coffee Shop"  and to read a little more About Me! ... I'd love to meet you! and pay the visit back! :)

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So... Feel right at home... navigate a little, get familiar with everything and hopefully come back soon! We love having new friends over for coffee...or... anything else if coffee is not your "cup o'joe"

and now... to my post! There's something I've been meaning to share!

So... my oldest ... (almost 4 years old) had a great week! She was part of Summer Day Camp at church! she did great, they had very nice activities and she came home happy every day! But the last day of her Summer Camp, hubby decided to surprise her and show up for the end of the Camp to take her out for lunch!

Hubby is a very hard working man... and his hours have been very long lately but I am so blessed that he did everything to be able to do this for her!

So... let's have the pictures speak for themselves!

All crafts and bags ready at the end of Summer Day Camp

You can see she had fun splashing in the water that day! happy to receive her "Award"

YAY! Daddy is here!

She loves Chick-Fil-A so... Chick-Fil-A it was!

Little sister was happy too! She is happy anywhere if there's cold water involved!

So... I am just very proud of my girl! And I can't believe how fast she is growing... I am blessed to see her grow in character and faith as well! May God keep her path always and may she grow to be a blessing to others and a servant of the Lord always!
© Paloma K.

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