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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I won't drink dragons at night!

 My goodness! I usually drink coffee with hubby at night... He always drinks his strong stuff but at night I chicken out and drink decaf! Yes... I must admit I drink that stuff but a mommy needs her sleep! well... last night the temptation was too big and I had a big cup of hubby's coffee... "Komodo Dragon Blend" (from Starbucks) ... I just love that blend! It is really, REALLY good... it's strong but smooth and almost with chocolaty notes ... just perfect! I am in no way receiving any compensation or money to "advertise" Starbucks coffee... I love that specific blend of theirs... that's just my very personal opinion... but I will never have it late at night again... (Unless I need to stay awake!) ... it was 2:30 in the morning and my heart was racing... it's not 7 in the morning yet and I am tired but awake! LOL! ... so... I won't try to slay that dragon again! Not at night!

 At least it helped me get some reading done! I am reading "Same Kind of Different as Me" ... Thank you Melinda (from Mothering From Scratch ) for the book recommendation! I am LOVING IT!!! I will be sharing my thoughts on the book soon! :)

Happy Saturday everyone!

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