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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A great FOOD photographer!!!

Well... hello friends! I just want to let you know that tomorrow we are IN for a real treat! Our featured blogger for our "Coffee Friday Party" will be a very talented blogging friend of mine... she is really good at what she does... and ... she has very special pictures to share with us to enjoy "Our Coffee"

So... if you haven't mentioned "coffee" on any of your posts this week, you are still on time to do so! That way you can link back to us within that post and LINK up in our linky thingy that, as you know, has gotten better with thumbnails and it will be pretty!

The Coffee Party is getting bigger and I have very special fellow - bloggers/friends that will come and support this feature! I am very excited!

So... go and at least add the word "coffee" randomly in a post... it will be "fun to find it" LOL! or you can do something special (like Bibi from Bibi's Culinary Journey who so far has brought "great treats" to our Coffee Parties... Last week she shared an amazing recipe to make "Cherry Streusel Muffins" 

And of course she made sure to mention "coffee" on her post! wouldn't they go great together? Those muffins and a cup like this:

YUM! Right? I hope I'll see you here tomorrow! even if just to say hi! comments are always welcome to our Party!

Also... If you link up to us... I'll be talking about one or two of the best "linked posts" that joined the party within next week's posts here! cool, right?

Have a great Thursday!

© Paloma K.

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