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Friday, July 20, 2012

Come over for Coffee! Coffee PARTY!

 Today is a very special day here in "The Coffee Shop" Our featured blogger is just such a great, encouraging, inspirational woman of faith that makes you feel right at home in her blog "Come Over For Coffee" I love reading her posts because it's not pretentious ... it's just a down to earth, honest, genuine blog that makes you feel like you are talking to a friend! and that's what she's become for me! So please help me thank Dawn for sharing her coffee today with us here in our Coffee Party! Really... if you want a good friend you'll find one in her so please... head over there and say hi!  "click here to Thank Dawn!"

These are her pictures:

I love it that she shared her "Starbucks coffee" with us... :) (I love Starbucks!) by the way... has anybody tried the "Komodo Dragon" Blend yet? YUM!

Thank you Dawn for serving coffee for all of us today here at the Coffee Shop! I appreciate it so much! I am sure everyone enjoyed it!

And now... if you posted ANYTHING about coffee this week.... if you even just mentioned the word "coffee" is enough... just make sure you include a link back to "The Coffee Shop" on the post and LINK UP!!! If you didn't post about coffee this week... you are still welcome to our party and you can leave a comment... plus you can still join us next week! Will you?  .... If you'd like to be featured here just snap a picture to something "coffee related" (that coffee you are drinking, coffee maker, coffee rings on your table, coffee sign, anything coffee!) and send it to: (you can also add a brief caption and something about yourself and your blog if you'd like)... I'll do the rest!

© Paloma King

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