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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Coffee Party just got better!

Hello dear friends! Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays because that's usually when I start preparing for our Coffee Party... right now it's just a few of us... right? But coffee with a few friends is very enjoyable too! :) And hopefully our Coffee Party will get bigger and bigger as time goes... Plus I have news! We will finally have our Coffee Party with THUMBNAILS! so it'll be prettier and more fun to visit everybody who joins the party! Isn't that cool? I am very happy to start doing this. You want to be part of this? We'd love you to! All you need to do is mention the word "coffee" somehow in one of your posts every week, Coffee doesn't have to necessarily be the main topic of your post, it can just be "randomly mentioned" somewhere ... you can just say "I love coffee" or even "I hate coffee" (hopefully not though! LOL!) or "I had coffee with friends" or "I wish I liked coffee" ... and the other requirement to join is to link back to us! Just post a link back to "The Coffee Shop Blog" or if you prefer you can just use this button which will make it easier for people to start "getting familiar" with what's going on here:

The Coffee Shop

If you are already a faithful guest of our Coffee Party... why don't you share about this with your friends so they can enjoy the party too! The more the merrier! Am I right? Tweet, blog or share on facebook about this party if you can... I'll really appreciate it! Tomorrow we'll have a very special person serving coffee for all of us! If you'd like your blog to be featured just SNAP A quick picture to your coffee mug, coffee bag, a coffee shop, coffee beans or even a coffee ring on your table! basically ANYTHING COFFEE... send them to my e-mail  and I will do the rest... you can send a small caption with each picture if you want or you can also share a little bit about yourself and your blog so others get to know you better... I will invite everyone to head over your blog to check it out and thank you for the enjoyable time!

Well... enough about our Coffee Friday... I hope I'll see you tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!

© Paloma K.

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