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Friday, July 27, 2012

Join the Party - Coffee Friday with Chelle!

Hello everybody! Welcome to the Party! Our Coffee Friday is a tradition here at the Coffee Shop, which is gaining more strength and new bloggers are joining both linking up and in our feature! Thank you for being here! If you don't know what our "Coffee Friday" is all about well... it's just a party where a special blogger and his/her coffee pictures are featured! plus... everyone else can join by linking up one of their posts to our Party! (to link up the only requirements are to "mention coffee" within the post and link back to us) so... it's very simple!

Today... I am happy to say that I am very privileged to have found an amazing food photographer! (I hope something rubs off from her to me so I can improve my picture taking skills!) her name is Chelle Caldwell (click on it!) and her site is just amazing, it's all about "Food Photography" and about herself! Very honest, very colorful, just great! You will drool over the amazing pictures! So watch the keyboard! She is a hard working, friendly woman who knows what her passion is... and as she's told me "unfortunately many have the same passion" so it gets very competitive out there!

This is what she has to share:

My bio is simple: "I am an amateur food photographer/stylist trying to get her foot in the door, having buckets of fun but failing miserably."

My favorite coffee

Coffee Grounds

My favorite cup

Thank you so much Chelle for sharing your talent with us! You might say you are failing at this but well... know that you are making the world more beautiful with your art! I hope the opportunities come soon!

So... please go say thanks to Chelle, check her site: Chelle Caldwell , enjoy it... visit her blog (it's in her page too) and let her know how "you liked coffee today" :) I am sure she will appreciate it!

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