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Monday, August 27, 2012

Roots and Wings!

Good morning everybody! The sheets of my bed got stuck to me so I couldn't  get up earlier! LOL! ... ah! I don't envy mommies that have kids in school... LOL! But I know I will go through that sooner than I'd like to! -sigh- It is a blessing to see our children grow... but it's hard too! Letting go and not only allowing but also ENCOURAGING them to learn more, to explore, to dream!

There is a wonderful quote I read in a great book  "A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming" that is always in my mind... 

"The best thing parents can do for their children is give them roots and wings."

As moms we have such a big responsibility! I've had "important" jobs before... I had a position of authority in the Company where I used to work... I wore many hats and I thought what I did mattered, what I said mattered... One day one of the managers of said company approached me and said:

 "I know you will not be able to be just at home when you marry, you'll NEED to work, that's who you are"

and I told him:

"If you think this Company is important for me, wait and see how much more important my family will be" ...

 I knew that would be true... but being single and without children I couldn't even begin to imagine how much!... what I do today... dressed in shorts and with my hair up... while apparently I am just washing dishes or cooking meals, when it seems I do something as "un-important" as coloring with my little girls... Now I know that what I am doing will shape lives! As I color, talk and look into my girls' eyes I can see they are absorbing every single word! every attitude I have! And while it's an awesome feeling it's also a scary one! Praise God I am not alone on this! He's given me an amazing hubby who is a great daddy and cares for our girls as much as I do... he takes the time to play Play-Doh with them, let them use his bare back as a canvas while they enjoy turning daddy into their colorful masterpiece with crayons and markers, reads stories to them and helps them memorize Bible verses! I am not alone either because I have God... and  I pray that even the mistakes I make while mothering will not be significant or that I can identify soon enough to try and fix them!

This weekend I read something that really stayed with me:

“Be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice.” by Peggy O'Mara

And I realized how true that is! Many times without even realizing it I know it's my mom or dad's voice what I hear inside of me... Sometimes that's what makes me do or not do things... even if it's not as clear as "would my mom approve of this" I know is there... 

But this can't scare me... this can't make me be overly cautious around me! I have to enjoy it all, be free to have fun with my girls! I know if my priorities are in order ... with God above it all... everything will be ok...

So... Happy Monday! Happy HAPPY Monday to you mom who had to wake up early today to give breakfast and get kids ready for school... I hope you smiled while doing it... and if you didn't... well... you can make it up when they come back ... smile, hug, kiss, play AND PRAY a lot!

Oh... and before I close this post I want to thank my friend Laura from Pruning Princesses for giving me "The Versatile Blogger" Award ... I am so honored... Although I would probably say that in my case it would be more like "The Random Blogger" Award... LOL! ... Thank you Laura, this is so nice... and yes... it made my Monday even happier! If you still haven't checked her blog out... you have too! She is pruning princesses too!

© Paloma K.

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