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Friday, August 24, 2012

Coffee Friday ... just add some SALSA!

 Today's Coffee Friday is super special! I have a very busy and successful friend, who is just an amazing blogger and she accepted to do this "Coffee Friday" post just for the fun and for the memories of our beginnings as bloggers! We both started blogging around the same time a few years ago... We immediately connected and her blog took off... Life and stuff kept me away from blogging but she was someone I looked for as soon as I came back! I found her blog very changed but at the same time the same... Her personality has always been clear and defined... she is a kind and very creative person, someone you really want to get to know better! She is someone I really wish I could get to have a cup of coffee with in real life! Her name is Caroline, well... I guess I'll let her tell you a bit more about herself... but please make sure you visit her blog: Salsa Pie , read her ABOUT page and hopefully stick around and visit her often!

Today... she is serving coffee right her at the Coffee Shop! I am just thankful she found time in her busy calendar to spend some time with us today! Thank you Caroline! We appreciate it!

Hi, my name is Caroline. I'm a designer of creative family projects, a crafter, tinkering painter and mother of 4 children. I started my blog called Salsa Pie in 2009 to help foster an innovative spirit in my own children. There, I write about project ideas for the whole family and how to encourage creativity in kids! 

My family is Italian and my husband is Venezuelan so I think it's safe to say we take our coffee (and biscotti for that matter) pretty seriously! But, I really do try to limit the caffeine so I often substitute decaf for regular. 

Two great ways we enjoy our coffee at my house? With steamed milk or iced. 

A fun and easy coffee-related DIY idea for you today? Decorate a glass mug (or wine glass) with a glass marker. You can doodle a fun and sketchy-looking chevron pattern or modern dots. Serve iced coffee on a hot summer day in your newly decorated glass and make something as simple as a cup of coffee seem like a vacation! 

Thanks so much for having me Paloma!  

 Isn't she neat? I told you she was creative! She even shared a little project with us! (and talking about that... you really want to follow her on Pinterest . Thank you for sharing your coffee Caroline! We love international blends! ;)

© Paloma K.

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