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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I hope you are ready!

 Today... I've been very busy ... I've been sharing fellow bloggers' content on twitter and Pinterest... it is nice to support one another and to share with others what great bloggers are writing about!

I've also been here, just taking care of the house and my girls... I had to cover also as a Host of the Beanchat because the person who was supposed to do it ended up not responding again and well... that didn't go as expected... but thank goodness I was available and I could cover for her!

Right now my littlest one is taking a nap and I've been reading Divergent... I am almost done with BOOK 1, after having read BOOK 2 first by mistake... (I am telling you... those Trilogy books should be numbered! LOL!) and later at night I'll put together tomorrow's post for our Coffee Party!

We'll have a great blogger being featured... so please don't miss it! You know it's very easy to join... I am not asking you for anything too big or too hard... just "mention coffee" on any of your posts of the week (coffee doesn't even need to be the main topic), link back to us (so more can join the Party) and LINK UP!

That simple!

And even if you can't link up for any reason we'll still be happy to see you comment and enjoy a cup of coffee with us!

Many blessings!

© Paloma K.

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