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Friday, August 10, 2012

Coffee Friday for Humans!

Well... Today's Coffee Party is VERY special! Every time I have a friend share about their blog and some of their coffee with us is special! I am so honored to have such awesome fellow bloggers who support what I am trying to do here at The Coffee Shop... "what is she trying to do?" you probably wonder! I am trying to provide a spot for everyone, but I must say I am especially focused on women, who devote their lives to their families, who stay home or have to go out for work, who are strong and so busy serving others and putting everyone else first that they don't always find time to gather with friends and go to even just a Coffee Shop and just talk about the things they care for! share their secrets, their struggles, etc... I probably thought my blog was just about coffee or just about food... But I really want it to be a place where others can find encouragement, a happy thought or motivation to keep going! (food and coffee always help of course!) basically another human to connect to! It's sad when it seems that the more advanced technologically we are and the more ways exist to communicate we have lost real connection with others and there are more people feeling lonely out there!

Well... Today's featured blogger is perfect for this "people oriented purpose"... she is actually working hard at Raising Humans, her name is Tricia and this is what she would love to share with us:

Hello! I’m Tricia and I am so pleased to be visiting The Coffee Shop today! I have harbored an undeniable love for coffee for decades now and even spent a few years working at Starbucks to seal the deal. Nothing comforts me more than wrapping my hands around a steaming mug, though my photos today betray my love of the iced varieties!

While I'm sipping coffee (mostly decaf these days!) I'm usually also writing about my little girl, and soon to be little boy, and all of the things that they are teaching me, at Raising Humans. I write about those moments – the good and bad, the beautiful and sometimes ugly – moments when we realize that we are all growing together. And sometimes, I also write about coffee. And my love for it.

And now... some coffee:

My barista ♥s me. So I'll forgive that he spelled my name incorrectly!

Laptop + coffee = BFF

                                         My daughter is starting her love of coffee early by collecting coffee beans                                            from the grocery store.  She keeps them in her closet, next to her shoes

Thank you Tricia for sharing with us! Thank you for sharing about yourself, your love for coffee and for letting us have some of it through your pictures! (they are lovely!)

Please stop by Tricia's blog Raising Humans and don't forget to say hi! Let her know you are stopping by from "The Coffee Shop" and tell her how you liked today's coffee! I know she'll love that!

© Paloma K.

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