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Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Baking Friends! Yes, with a B!

Hello friends! I usually post a HAPPY Monday Post on Mondays... but...  It's already that time of the month when I post about my experiences baking a cake for the great baking club I belong to: "The Cake Slice" (don't worry... it's a Happy post anyway)

This year we have been baking from a FANTASTIC book: The Cake Book by Tish Boyle, we've been enjoying month after month great, luscious cakes and desserts that have been voted by the members of this special baking club.

This month the selected cake was "Ultimate Lemon Roll"... I am not posting the recipe this time but you can find it here

Today I just want to mention that I am enjoying so much this whole baking a cake a month because I am actually "baking friends" LOL! ... I've used my passion for baking as a great opportunity to meet other people, this month I just made the cake and posted an open invitation on fb to all my friends for whoever wanted to join and eat some of the lemon roll! I've done that previously ... I had some friends show up and some others that requested a slice... it was a lot of fun! I just moved here a year ago (from Wisconsin to Texas) and it's about a year ago that I joined the Cake Slice Bakers club, so it's all worked out perfect and now I have made great friends that have just gotten closer through my baking! I enjoy cooking/baking a lot... but mostly because it brings people together! Everybody enjoyed this cake... although I must say that I did get some "it's too lemony" comments, so if you are not a "lemon lover" this might not be for you.

Now... some pictures of the making of the cake and the enjoying it too!

The lemon curd / Chilling in an iced water bath

The sheet cake before going into the oven

Cake right out of the oven

Rolled up, cooling off

I had some issues when filling it up, and the cake cracked a little but I still think it looks great

Some of the sweet friends who enjoyed this dessert (and my almost 4 yo)

I also baked some M&M cookies, my girl of course had to pose.
 So... I think inviting people out of the blue... and or having something sweet always at home for those who want to stop by is one of many great friends to get to know people.. what do you do to make friends? Sometimes when we feel lonely we isolate ourselves even more... but.. if we want friends we can find ways to meet people and/or get to know them better... who knows... maybe they are waiting for you to give the first step.

 © Paloma K.